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Properties for duplicate CIs

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Properties for duplicate CIs

Use the properties for duplicate CIs to configure how duplicate CIs are processed.

These properties are available for duplicate CIs. To view and edit these properties, the admin role is required.
Table 1. Properties for duplicate CIs
Property Description

Attributes in which max_length exceeds this property value (4000 by default) are excluded from the Select Master CI, Merge Attribute Values, and Determine Duplicate CI Actions tabs in the Duplicate CI Remediator wizard.


If the max_length for an attribute is equal to the property value, and the size of the data exceeds the property value, then the data is truncated to the property value and the attribute appears in attribute lists.
  • Type: integer
  • Default value: 4000
  • Location: Configuration > CMDB Properties > Duplicate CI Remediator Properties
Note: This property impacts the performance of de-duplication tasks, therefore be cautious about setting this value.

Comma separated list of related tables in the format '<table>.<reference column>', that are excluded from merging during duplicate CI remediation.


  • Type: string
  • Default value: cert_task.cmdb_ci,cert_audit_result.configuration_item,discovery_log.cmdb_ci,,,
  • Location: Configuration > CMDB Properties > Duplicate CI Remediator Properties

Threshold for the number of duplicate CIs, which if exceeded, support for reconciliation in the Duplicate CI Remediator is limited (1,000 by default).


  • Type: integer
  • Default value: 1000
  • Location: Configuration > CMDB Properties > Duplicate CI Remediator Properties
  • Learn more: See 'Large number of duplicate CIs' in Remediate a de-duplication task.
This threshold never exceeds 5,000, even if you set the property to a value greater than 5,000.

Determines whether the Duplicate CI Remediator actually remediates CI duplication by updating records in the CMDB, or not.


When set to false (default value), updates specified in the wizard are actually performed.

You can set this property to true and then test run through the Duplicate CI Remediator without any records actually being updated. In this case, the work notes for the task describe the changes that will happen in an actual remediation.

  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: false
  • Location: Configuration > CMDB Properties > Duplicate CI Remediator Properties