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Redirect a reference to a page ID

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Redirect a reference to a page ID

Multiple widgets in the Service Portal may link to a single page using a hard-coded page ID. If you want to replace the page, all widgets that reference the page must be updated with the new page ID. Instead of cloning and updating each widget with the new page ID, you can create a single record that automatically redirects all references to the original page to point to the new page. This way, you can replace a page without locating and replacing all references to the page ID.

Before you begin

Role required: sp_admin

About this task

To redirect all references to a page, create a record in the Page Route Maps table [sp_page_route_map]. This table enables you to redirect a reference to a page without cloning base system widgets.

Creating a record in the Page Route Maps table only redirects references to a page. It does not redirect navigation to a page ID within a URL.


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Page Route Maps.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Field Description
    Short Description Optional short description to describe the redirect.
    Service Portal(s) Portals that apply the redirect. If you don't select a portal, the redirect applies to all portals in the instance.
    Route from Original page you are redirecting from.
    Route to Page you are redirecting to.
    Active Whether the Page Route Map record is active. The redirect only applies when the record is active.
    Order Priority of the Page Route Map record. If more than one active record has the same value in the Route from field, the record with the lowest order applies. The system evaluates records from lowest to highest. If multiple records have a matching order, the system honors the oldest record.
  4. Click Update.


All references to the page listed in the Route from field redirect to the page in the Route to field.