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Activate the Knowledge Article View page on upgrade

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Activate the Knowledge Article View page on upgrade

If upgrading from a previous release, take advantage of the latest article view features by activating the Knowledge Article View page route map. This map routes the kb_article page to the kb_article_view page, which includes new capabilities such as including links and images in article feedback and article versioning. This map is active by default in new instances and applies to all portals in the system.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

By default, users with the public role cannot access the kb_article_view page. However, your administrator can modify this behavior. For more information, see Enable external or public users to view knowledge articles from the Knowledge Management Service Portal.


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Page Route Maps.
  2. Open the Knowledge Article View record.
  3. Select Active.
  4. Click Update.


Your end users view knowledge articles in the Service Portal using the kb_article_view page.