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Add a text index group to a portal

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Add a text index group to a portal

Define how users see search results. For example, combine search results from several sources, or set the weight of certain fields.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

If you have a custom search source or portal, consider whether you want to use the base system portal_index_group text index group, or create your own text index group. The base system text index group includes the Catalog items, Knowledge, and Social Q&A Questions tables. When a user searches for an item in Service Portal, they see combined results from these tables.

Note: Index tables before adding them to a text index group. To learn more about text indexing, see Enable text indexing for a table.

Text index groups are a Now Platform feature. To learn more, see Configure multiple tables for indexing and searching.

About this task

Note: Text index groups do not support external search sources.


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Portals.
  2. Open the portal that you would like to add a text index group to.
  3. Configure the form to add the Text Index Group field.
  4. Add the text index group you want to the Text Index Group field.


Search results display according to the text index group's rules.