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Declarative Actions in Agent Workspace

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Declarative Actions in Agent Workspace

Use the Declarative Action framework to integrate Now Platform behaviors, such as client actions or server scripts, into Agent Workspace forms and lists without the need to edit code.

Declarative Actions

The Declarative Action framework enables users to associate defined actions to their workspace. Declarative Actions can be associated to the following actions models:
  • Field (Decorators)
  • Form (Contextual Side Panel, Related Items)
  • List (Header)
  • Related List
Table 1. Declarative Actions supplied with your instance
Action Action Model Description
Agent Assist Form Adds an action to the contextual side panel.
Assign to Me List, Related List Assigns a record to a user.
Attachments Form Adds an attachment.
Call Number Field The only action that has a dependency (Graphql payload).
Edit List Edits a record.
New List Creates a new record.
Open Hierarchy Field Opens a hierarchy.
Open Record Field Opens a record in a new sub-tab.
Reference Search Field Opens a modal to enable users to search a reference table.

Declarative Actions tables

Table 2. Declarative Actions tables
Name Permissions Description
Declarative Action Model Definition [sys_declarative_action_model_definition] Read-only for Admin Defines the section in the workspace that a declarative action can exist and displays available data. Models include List, Related List, Form, and Field.
Declarative Action Model Field [sys_declarative_action_model_field] Read-only for Admin Represents a field in a specific model. A model can have multiple fields.
Declarative Action Definition [sys_declarative_action_definition] Read-only for Admin Accumulates all the declarative actions.
Declarative Action Assignment [sys_declarative_action_assignment] Admin only Defines where and when a declarative action runs.
Declarative Action Group [sys_declarative_action_group] Admin only Allows associating multiple declarative actions into a group. This action is only supported for the List model.