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Working from the List queue

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Working from the List queue

Open a list from the List menu to view a list of items in the workspace.

Working from the List enables you to see high-level information for all of your records.

List of unassigned open incidents in workspace

You can perform numerous tasks from the List in the workspace to quickly find the information you are seeking, such as sorting and filtering columns, and grouping items.

Sorting columns

Click the column headings to determine the sort order of a column. The arrow next to the column name indicates the current sort order. A downward pointing arrow indicates that the column sorts in a descending order. The system remembers the most recent sort order that you choose for a specific column.

Click the More UI Actions icon More UI Actions icon to Show Matching records or Filter Out matching records from the list.

By default, a column sorts in an ascending order unless the column data type is a date. Dates sort in a descending order.

Changing the number of rows per page

In the list footer, click the number of rows per page Number of rows per page and select the number of rows that you want to display.

List quick edit

You can make updates to a record directly from a list, without leaving the list. Click the Open Preview Open preview icon icon to open the record for edits.
Note: This feature is available only on a full list view, not a related list.

List multi-edit

You can apply the same changes to multiple records at the same time directly from the list. Select the records for your global edits. The Edit button shows an aggregate total of the records selected. Make changes and click Update to save. The number of records you can update cannot extend past the page.
Note: This feature is available only on a full list view, not a related list.

List grouping

You can group your list by a single column. Click the More UI Actions icon More UI Actions icon to apply a filter for grouping. You can also save this view to My Lists by grouping the list, and clicking Save. When you access this list from My Lists, the grouping filter applies.
Group list by column

After a list group filter applies, the pagination also updates. The display shows a count of rows per group. The maximum number of groups that display per page is 20. You can adjust this count to change the number of records displayed in each group."

List column filtering

You can filter a list from a column header without having to open the Advanced Filter panel. Click the More UI Actions icon More UI Actions icon to the right of the column and set filter your conditions. Click Apply to see your filter in the list.
List column filter
Note: Not all field types support column filtering. You can use the Advanced Filter panel and condition builder to create a filter for these field types.

List export

You can export records from a list into CSV, XLSX, JSON, or PDF files. Click the List actions icon List Actions icon and select Export.

List updates

Last refreshed indicates the time period since the last data refresh on screen. View the changes by refreshing the list. Related list counters do not get updated automatically, so you must refresh the browser to see an accurate count.

List filter badges

The list filter icon displays badges List filter icon with badge that show the number of conditions that apply to the current list. You can restore the defaults to a list to remove additional filters on the original filter list. The advanced view launches the condition builder.

List URLs

Each list has an associated URL, similar to records. You can bookmark a list to allow quick access and deep-linking from the platform UI directly to a workspace list.