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Configuring Agent Workspace landing pages

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Configuring Agent Workspace landing pages

The Agent Workspace landing page is the initial view of your agent’s workspace. It displays a set of preconfigured reports and grouped data that are specific to your agent's work responsibilities.

Your instance should have at least one landing page, depending on the features and products that you have. All landing pages are configurable and consist of a layout with containers and widgets that appear on the page. You can use any landing page without modifications or you can clone a landing page and make updates for your installation.
Note: Widgets that display in Agent Workspace must be pre-configured. If you need to configure a widget, see Performance Analytics and Reporting for Agent Workspace.
Components and behavior include:
  • Lists: Displays a list with any selected record that opens in a new tab. Clicking Show All displays the full list in the home module.
  • Single Score: Displays a full list in the home module.
    Note: A database view, such as Spotlight, will not have other interactions.
  • Time Series/Trend By: Displays a graph of records over time or a trend but does not contain other interactions.

Default landing page