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Configuring Agent Workspace forms

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Configuring Agent Workspace forms

Configure the way that forms appear for agents in Agent Workspace so that they can easily find the information they need to complete their tasks. You can also configure the fields that appear on the form depending on the record type and user role.

You can configure templates with pre-populated fields and UI actions to make the workspace more interactive. You can also configure Lookup and Verify to help agents look up and verify contact or consumer information.

The fields in the Agent Workspace form are limited to the ones that agents use the most. For a list of available fields, see Agent Workspace supported field types.

Figure 1. Form navigation
Form screenshot
Table 1. Form elements
Feature Description
(1) Form tab Tab that identifies the open record. Agents can have an unlimited number of tabs open and can work between tabs without leaving their working session.
(2) Sub tabs Tabs that enable agents to open related information from a form in a sub tab. Any related information that agents open from a form opens in a subtab. That way, agents do not lose any context from where they started.
(3) Reference icon Reference icon that opens a subtab where the agent can see more information about the record. For example, a reference icon on a caller gives user information on that person.
(4) Activity stream Stream that enables agents to view all the activity for a record. Agents use the activity stream filter to focus on more specific information in the stream.
(5) Related lists Lists that agents can reference to give accessible related context. For example, Child Incidents show related incidents to the record.
(6) Contextual sidebar Displays icons corresponding with these options:
  • Agent Assist - displays/hides the Agent Assist panel from which you can attach articles, order catalog items, or find community discussions.
  • Attachments - displays/hides the Attachments panel from which you can add an attachment to the record. Attachments are automatically scanned for viruses when added.
  • Templates - displays/hides the Templates panel from which you can apply a template. Templates created for platform records also apply to workspace records. For more information on creating a template, see form templates. Templates in workspace follow any ACL rules that have been configured.
(7) UI actions Actions that agents can perform on the form. UI actions in workspace can either be buttons or menu items.
(8) Record tags You can add tags to records in Agent Workspace. Tag visibility can be set to all users, visible only to specific groups or users, or visible to a single user.
(9) Highlighted Values You can add highlighted values to the secondary values in the form header in Agent Workspace.