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Attachment Note workflow activity

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Attachment Note workflow activity

The Attachment Note activity adds an attachment to the current record.

Note: This activity is only available when the workflow runs on a table that extends Task.
This activity allows the use of irregular HTML tags to reference attachments, specifically the [code] tag. Entries in a journal field that use irregular HTML do not work if the glide.ui.allow_deep_html_validation property is true. This property is set to false by default.
Note: Task activities run as the user whose actions complete the task the workflow was waiting for and advances the workflow.


  • Finished: the activity added the attachment to the record.

Input variables

The following variables determine the behavior of the activity.
Table 1. Attachment Note activity input variables
Field Description
Field When this activity runs, it makes a note on the current record that a file has been attached. Specify the field on the current record in which you want this note to appear. The options are:
  • none (defaults to Work Notes)
  • Additional Comments
  • Work notes
Attachment note information
Attachment Name When this activity runs, it creates a .txt file with the name you specify in this field.
Attachment Data The content of the .txt file attachment. It can be in plain text or use variables to extract specific data from a table.