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Surveys in Service Portal

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Surveys in Service Portal

If Service Portal is installed, you can use the Survey widget to set up surveys, quizzes, assessments, risk assessments, and attestations in Service Portal. Surveys for users on mobile devices are fully supported in Service Portal.

To create an intuitive interface for your users, you can set up surveys in Service Portal . You must first install Service Portal and then configure the survey widget on the page. To learn more about configuring a widget, see configure widget instances .

To configure a Survey widget on a page, CTRL + right-click the widget heading and select Instance Options.
Table 1. Service Portal: Instance options (properties) for the Survey widget
Property Description
Max records Number of surveys to list on the Service Portal homepage. The user can click the View all link to view all items.

Default: 5

Title of the widget Text that appears in the title bar of the surveys widget.

Default: My Surveys

Each survey on the My Surveys page contains a progress bar and a description. The color in the progress bar increases as a survey is completed. In the case of a triggered record, the table title is used for the survey description.


For mobile users, the Pagination setting for Service Portal view survey designer property is set to one question per page by default.


One Click survey

A One Click survey has no introduction page in Service Portal. This survey does not have the Submit and Cancel buttons in the desktop and iPad view.

  • The One Click Survey field should be selected in the survey definition.
  • If the public access is enabled for a One Click survey, a user can submit the survey without having to log in.

A kiosk survey is a One Click survey with only one question of any of the following types:

  • Image Scale
  • Choice
  • Likert Scale
  • Numeric Scale
  • Yes/No
When you click the answer of the kiosk survey question in Service Portal, the survey is submitted and the end note is displayed on the same page as that of the survey questions.
  • A kiosk survey does not have any Submit or Cancel buttons.
  • A kiosk survey cannot have a signature, dependent questions, or additional information.

URI parameters for One Click survey

Pass these URI parameters through the createAssessment() API to store their values in the asmt_assessment_instance table for both platform view and Service Portal view.

Table 2. URI parameters
Parameter Description
sysparm_refresh_interval Refresh time (in seconds) after the survey submission to create another instance. For example, sysparm_refresh_interval=5.
sysparm_trigger_table Location that is stored as the Trigger Table field in the asmt_assessment_instance table. For example, sysparm_trigger_table=incident.
sysparm_trigger_id Location sysId that is stored as the Trigger ID field in the asmt_assessment_instance table. For example, sysparm_trigger_id=1c741bd70b2322007518478d83673af3.
sysparm_kiosk When set to true, both sysparm_trigger_table and sysparm_trigger_id parameters should be specified. This is a mandatory parameter for kiosk requests. For example, sysparm_kiosk=true.