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Require authorization on tasks before the work is done. You can define approvals for all tasks and associate users or groups to a task to approve or reject them.

Approvals are defined by navigating to System Policy > Approvals.

The following information defines an approval:

Table 1. Approval definition information
Field Input value
Approver A reference to the user who is responsible for approving the related record.
Choices are:
  • Not Yet Requested (This state indicates that you are not yet asking your approvers to approve this request. Until you set the status to Requested they will receive no email notifications about the request.)
  • Requested
  • Approved
  • Rejected
Approving A document_id reference field to the record being approved, on any table.
Comments A journal field for storing comments regarding the approval.
Approval Summarizer A formatter that displays key fields relevant to the approval from the referenced document. This summarizer will not display if there is no record referenced.