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Auto-map activity output variables

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Auto-map activity output variables

You can map parameter values in a test payload to variables in the Outputs tab automatically.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. From the Execution Command in the template, select the Inputs tab.
  2. Click Test Inputs to test the input parameters.
    If you added actual values for the parameters and fields, the system runs those values against the specified target and returns the resulting payload. If you mapped input variables to fields and parameters, the system displays a dialog box for assigning test values to those variables.
  3. Provide test values, if requested, and click OK to display the payload.
    The entire payload appears in the Raw Output tab of the Response form.
    Auto-mapping controls
  4. Select an auto-mapping option:
    Auto-Map to Local Translates the entire payload into a JSON object and places it in the data bus. This allows for post-processing manipulation in JavaScript. This selection causes the entire data field on the right to disappear and the inputs structure to be auto-populated with these default variables:
    • output
    • totalRows
    • errorMessage
    • eccSysId
    Auto-Map to Output Automatically populates the output variables in the activity with the same default variables used as inputs for the local variable.
    Note: No parsing rules are available with auto-mapping selections.