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Look up email attachments action

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Look up email attachments action

Look up files that are attached to an email so that you can perform an action on the files.

Roles and availability

  • Available as a Flow Designer core action. Users with the flow_designer role can add an action to a flow and define configuration details.


Field Description
Email record [Email] Record from the Email [sys_email] table. For example, select the email record from the flow trigger. After you select an email record, the related Email Attachment [sys_email_attachment] record and its fields become available as data pills.


  • This action generates a list of Email Attachment [sys_email_attachment] records, which list the attachments that are associated with a given email record. To perform an action on an attachment, add flow logic that runs for each Attachment pill under the Email Attachment Record pill. For more information, see For each flow logic.


In the following example, a process owner adds the Look up email attachments action under an inbound email trigger. In the Email record [Email] field, the user selects to look up files that are attached to the email that triggered the flow.
Email attachments action in a flow