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Request IntegrationHub

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Request IntegrationHub

IntegrationHub lets you build reusable integrations with third-party systems and call them from anywhere in the platform. For example, request IntegrationHub to call external systems using integration APIs from the Action Designer Script step, run the Script step on the Mid Server, and activate protocol steps like REST, SOAP, and PowerShell.

Flow Designer is a Now Platform feature that enables you to automate processes within a single ServiceNow instance. Without an IntegrationHub subscription, you can use base system actions or steps, including the Script step, to manipulate records, send emails, trigger notifications, and perform operations within the instance. Request IntegrationHub to automate and create integrations with external systems from the Flow Designer interface.

IntegrationHub usage and subscription

Choose an IntegrationHub subscription package to build reusable integrations with third-party systems. Use the usage dashboard to view the number of transactions used within your current subscription, and to view transaction details.

Table 1. IntegrationHub subscription packages
Starter Standard Professional Enterprise
Purpose Build your own integrations. Automate developer operations. Automate IT operations. Automate human resources, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and more.
Maximum transactions per year 1,000,000 Starter package

+ 500,000

Starter package

+ 2,000,000

Starter package

+ 5,000,000

Spokes included Slack, Microsoft Teams, Twilio, Workplace by Facebook, HipChat, Zoom Starter package

+ Jira, Jira V2.5, F5 BIG-IP, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, InfoBlox, Twitter

Standard package

+ Box, Google Drive, Google Cloud Translator Service, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Okta, Okta v1.1.1

Professional package

+ DocuSign, DocuSign v1.2, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SCCM, Salesforce

Protocols included SOAP step, REST step, Open API support Starter package

+ JDBC step

Standard package

+ PowerShell step, SSH step

Professional package
Entitlements included None None Orchestration Activity Designer, Activity Packs, and all templates All Orchestration features, Client Software Distribution, Password Reset
Features included Payload Builder step, Retry policies, Remote Tables Starter package

+ XML Parser

Standard package Professional package

+ Data Stream actions and dynamic inputs

IntegrationHub usage overview

Navigate to IntegrationHub > Usage Overview to view the current transaction count for your instance.

Request an IntegrationHub plugin

IntegrationHub plugins require a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel.

About this task

To purchase a subscription, contact your ServiceNow account manager. The account manager can arrange to have the plugin activated on your organization's production and sub-production instances, generally within a few days.

If you do not have an account manager, decide to delay activation after purchase, or want to evaluate the product on a sub-production instance without charge, follow these steps.


  1. From your instance, navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. On the All Applications page, click Request Plugin to open the request form on HI.
    Select to request a plugin from the All Applications page.
  3. On HI, select to be redirected to the HI Service Portal Service Catalog.
    HI redirect to Service Catalog
  4. On the Activate Plugin request form, fill in the fields.
    Field Description
    Target Instance Instance on which to activate the plugin.
    Plugin Name Name of the plugin to activate.
    Specify the date and time you would like this plugin to be enabled

    Date and time must be at least two business days from the current time.

    Reason/Comments Information that would be helpful for the ServiceNow personnel who are activating the plugin. For example, if you need the plugin activated at a specific time instead of during one of the default activation windows, specify it in the comments.
  5. Click Submit.

IntegrationHub plugins

Request IntegrationHub plugins included in your subscription.

Table 2. ServiceNow IntegrationHub plugins
Plugin Description
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Starter Pack Installer [com.glide.hub.integrations] Installs IntegrationHub starter pack plugins to build your own integrations. Includes HipChat spoke, Microsoft Teams spoke, Slack spoke, Slack webhooks spoke, eBonding spoke, legacy IntegrationHub usage dashboard, and REST and SOAP steps.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Standard Pack Installer [com.glide.hub.integrations.standard] Installs IntegrationHub standard pack plugins to automate developer operations. Includes IntegrationHub starter pack, and JDBC and XML parser steps.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Professional Pack Installer [com.glide.hub.integrations.professional] Installs IntegrationHub professional pack plugins to automate IT operations. Includes IntegrationHub standard pack, Microsoft AD spoke, Microsoft Azure AD spoke, and SSH and PowerShell steps.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Enterprise Pack Installer [com.glide.hub.integrations.enterprise] Installs IntegrationHub enterprise pack to automate human resources, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and more. Includes IntegrationHub professional pack, Microsoft SCCM spoke, and Data Stream actions.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Content - Deprecated [com.glide.hub.integration.content] Flow Designer actions to integrate with Slack, HipChat, Microsoft AD, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow eBonding
Flow Designer Action Step - Payload Builder [com.glide.hub.action_step.payload] Enable action designers to easily create name-value pairs in JSON and XML payloads using dynamic data.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Step - JDBC [com.glide.hub.action_step.jdbc] Create a reusable action to send SQL commands to a relational database.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Step - REST


Enables the REST action step in Flow Designer.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Step - PowerShell


Enables the PowerShell action step in Flow Designer.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Step - SOAP [com.glide.hub.action_step.soap] Enables the SOAP action step in Flow Designer.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Step - SSH [com.glide.hub.action_step.ssh] The SSH step executes SSH commands on an external *nix system through a ServiceNow® MID Server. The step also stores scripts and commands for the *nix systems.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Step - XML Parser [com.glide.hub.action_step.xmlparser] Enables the XML parser action step in Flow Designer.
ServiceNow IntegrationHub Action Template - Data Stream [com.glide.hub.action_type.datastream] Send REST or SOAP requests from Flow Designer to APIs that return a stream of response data larger than 10 MB, or that return paginated results. Parse stream data into a series of complex object outputs and use the data pills in other actions in a flow.
HipChat Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub


The HipChat Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub provides actions that a Process Analyst can use when designing flows. The actions allow them to automate the creation of conversations, add users to a conversation, and send messages to a conversation.
Slack Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub [] The Slack Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub provides actions that a Process Analyst can use when designing flows. Send messages about incidents and problems to a channel.
Slack Webhooks Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub


Use Slack webhooks to post messages and record details for ServiceNow incidents, problems, and changes to Slack channels.
Microsoft SCCM Spoke for IntegrationHub [] Provides actions that a Process Analyst can use to automate the management of user collections, device collections, and application deployments.
Microsoft Teams Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub


The Microsoft Teams Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub provides actions that a Process Analyst can use when designing flows to automate sending messages about Incidents and Problems to an MS Teams channel.
Microsoft AD Spoke for IntegrationHub


Create, delete, and manage objects in Microsoft Active Directory, such as users, groups, and computers.
Microsoft Azure AD Spoke for IntegrationHub


Manage users, security groups, and office groups. Apply licenses and provision users in Office 365.
ServiceNow eBonding Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub


The ServiceNow ebonding Spoke for the ServiceNow IntegrationHub provides Actions that enable process analysts to compose flows that help in ebonding with remote ServiceNow instances.