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Quick start tests for Assessments and Surveys

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Quick start tests for Assessments and Surveys

Validate that Assessments and Surveys still work after you make any configuration change such as apply an upgrade or develop an application. Copy and customize these quick start tests to pass when using your instance-specific data.

Assessments and Surveys quick start tests require activating the Automated Test Framework Survey plugin (com.glide.automated_testing_impl. Survey).

Table 1. Test Suite for Survey
Name Description
Survey: Basic Platform Based Test Create a survey using Platform UI actions.
Survey: Clone Action Clone a survey and validate the records of the original survey and the cloned survey.
Survey: Platform test for Dynamic Validation Validate a survey dynamically.
Survey: Question Bank Flow Verify the addition of a question bank to a survey.
Survey: Survey Creator Work Flow Survey creator can create a survey and assign to the user who can take the survey and submit it.