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Quick start tests for Skills Management

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Quick start tests for Skills Management

Validate that Skills Management still works after you make any configuration change such as apply an upgrade or develop an application. Copy and customize these quick start tests to pass when using your instance-specific data.

Skills Management quick start tests require activating the Skills Management plugin (com.snc.skills_management).

Table 1. Skills Management test suite
Test Description
Skills MGMT: User skill level inheritance when user is part of multiple groups Verify that the user is assigned the highest skill level when the user belongs to multiple groups that have been assigned the same skills with different skill levels.
Skills MGMT: Add skills to lowest level category Verify that skills can be added to the lowest level category.
Skills MGMT: Create a child category under a parent category Verify that a lower-level category can be created when the flag for Add skills is unchecked in the parent category.
Skills MGMT: Create a skill category Verify that a skill category can be created on the skill category form.
Skills MGMT: Create skill level type and skill levels Define the skill level type and different skill levels for the type.
Skill MGMT: Skill level inheritance from group to user Verify that skill levels can be inherited from a group to the users of the group and that the Inherited and Skill level inherited fields are set to true.