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Create an assessment signature

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Create an assessment signature

A signature on an assessment questionnaire contains assertions that can communicate directions, a legal statement, or any text that you want the recipient to consider.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin

About this task

You can require the recipient to select a check box or provide a full signature to acknowledge acceptance of the assertion before submitting the form. You can display assertions without requiring a signature. An assessment property called Require authentication for user signature allows you to require users to provide their user name and password when an assessment asks for a full name signature.


  1. Navigate to Assessments > Metric Definition > Signatures.

    All signatures in the system appear in this list.

  2. Click New.
  3. Complete and submit the form using the fields in the table.
    Table 1. Assessment signature fields
    Field Description
    Name Descriptive name for this signature
    Signature type Type of signature required. The selections are Checkbox, Full name, or Assertion only. If Assertion only is selected, no signature is required to submit the questionnaire. By default, the system requires user authentication for a full name entry.
    Assertion Text to present to recipients that requires acknowledgement.