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Configure a quiz

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Configure a quiz

You can configure an entire quiz.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin, survey_creator, or admin

About this task

The values you enter and select on this page are applied to the entire quiz.


In the quiz designer, click Configuration and then fill in the fields as described in the table.
Table 1. Quiz designer configuration
Field Description
Active Check box for enabling the distribution of this quiz to recipients.
Description Description of this configuration or the quiz to which it is attached.
Introduction Introductory content to display on quizzes. You can add a welcome message or background information about the quiz.
Owners Owners of the quiz. You can add a user with the survey_creator, survey_admin, or assessment_admin role.
Signature [Optional] Acknowledgement by a quiz recipient of requirements, admonitions, or expectations related to a quiz.
Return URL Destination address of a web page that is presented to users after they submit a completed quiz. When a return URL is configured, the End note content does not appear.
End note Content that is displayed to recipients after they submit a completed quiz. You can add a thank you message, follow-up instructions, or other applicable information. End notes are not displayed if a Return URL is specified.
Duration Amount of time that recipients are given to complete this quiz, starting from the time that the quiz is generated. The default duration is 14 days.
Manager Assessment manager for this quiz. These users are only responsible for managing the quiz process and not the results. The system notifies the manager when submissions for this quiz are past due.
Notify manager if overdue Check box for sending email notifications to a recipient's manager when that user fails to submit an assigned quiz before the due date.
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