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Configure an assessment

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Configure an assessment

Configure an assessment to evaluate, score, and rank records from any table in the system.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, survey_creator, or assessment_admin


  1. Navigate to Assessments > Metric Definition > Types.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the field information.
    Table 1.
    Field Description
    Name Name of the assessment.
    Assessment duration Allowed duration to complete an assignment after its generation.
    Live feed Checkbox that automatically creates live feed groups for newly generated assessable records of this type.
    Notify manager if overdue Checkbox to send a notification to the manager when the assessment becomes overdue.
    Scale factor Scale value for all assessment results.
    Pagination setting for Service Portal view The setting on which the pagination is based for desktop or tablet view in Service Portal.
    • Category: default
    • Question: 1 question per page (automatic for mobile)
    • None: no pagination
    Note: This field is displayed only when Service Portal is installed.
    Business rule Business rule that is automatically created for assessable record generation.
    Schedule type Scheduled or on-demand assessment type.
    Scheduled job Scheduled job the system creates for this assessment definition when the schedule period is a repeating interval. The system sets the scheduled job to run according to the selected schedule period. If you change the schedule period and save the survey definition:
    • The system deletes the old scheduled job.
    If you selected a recurring schedule period:
    • A new scheduled job is created.
    For example, if you change the schedule period from Daily to Weekly and save the record:
    • The system deletes the daily scheduled job.
    • Creates a weekly one set to run a week from the current date.

    This field is visible to administrators only if the schedule period is Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

    Evaluation method Type of assessment.
    Roles Roles with read access for this metric type.
    Active Check box to enable the distribution of this assessment to recipients.
    Owners Owners of the assessment. You can add a user with the survey_creator, survey_admin, or assessment_admin role.
    Description Description of the assessment.
    Table Table that contains records to assess for this type.
    Enforce condition Checkbox to delete the existing assessable records of this type that do not meet the specified conditions.
    Condition Conditions that the assessable records of this type should meet.
    Decision Matrix
    Filter field Field on the Filter table to identify filter menu choices on decision matrices and scorecard averages for this type.
    Filter condition Conditions to filter results on decision matrices and scorecard averages for this type.
    Default matrix filter Default filter menu choice on decision matrix of this type.
    User field User field from the table specified in the Conditions tab. The assessment will be assigned to all users of this user field in the table.

    When you save the assessment and click Generate Assessable Records, an assessable record is created for each unique user of the user field. This is applicable for Scheduled and On-demand assessments.

    For an on-demand assessment, each assessor assesses all assessable records. For a scheduled assessment, each assessor assesses only the corresponding assessable record.

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    Generate Assessable Records Creates assessable records for this metric type.
    Show Benchmarks Opens the Benchmarks Dashboard that provides visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends.
    • This related link is available only for survey_admin, assessment_admin and survey_reader with bm_viewer role.
    • You must opt in to Benchmarks to view the dashboard. See Enable Benchmarks
    • This is applicable only for a published survey.
    Create Improvement Initiative Opens the Improvement Initiative window to create an improvement initiative record that helps in improving the performance of the assessment.
    • This related link is available only for the survey_admin and assessment_admin role. A survey_reader can only view the created improvement initiative records.
    • You should activate the Continual Improvement Management plugin (com.sn_cim).
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    Assessable Records All assessable records for this assessment.
    Improvement Initiatives Displays improvement initiatives associated with the survey.
    Note: This related list is available only when there is at least one improvement initiative record.