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Set up a custom service channel

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Set up a custom service channel

Set up a custom service channel to expand the type and scope of work that is routed automatically to your agents.

Before you begin

  • Select the table that you want to use to route work to agents automatically. Only Task [task] and Interaction [interaction] tables are supported.
  • Ensure that the form layout for the selected table is configured for the workspace view. Record types without a workspace view appear as read-only in Agent Workspace. For more information, see Configure the form layout for Agent Workspace.
  • Assign the awa_agent and workspace_agent roles to whichever agents are receiving work items in Agent Workspace from your custom service channel.

Role required: awa_admin or admin

About this task

You can create a service channel record from the Service Channel module, but you need to create a work item queue, assignment rule, and eligible assignment pool to route work through the service channel. You also need to configure the custom service channel to make it available in an agent's inbox in Agent Workspace.


  1. Navigate to Advanced Work Assignment > Service Channels, and then click New.
  2. Complete the service channel fields, and then click Submit.
    For more information, see Configure a service channel.
  3. Create an assignment rule.
    For more information, see Configure agent assignment rules.
  4. Create a work item queue for your service channel.

    For more information, see Create a work item queue.

  5. On the form for the work item queue that you created, go to the Assignment Eligibility related link and create an eligible assignment pool.

    Make sure to associate your assignment rule to the eligible assignment pool.

    For more information, see Define agent pools eligible for assignment.

  6. Make your service channel available in Agent Workspace.
    1. Navigate to Advanced Work Assignment > Presence States, and then open Available.
    2. On the form, move your custom service channel to the Selected list.
    3. Select Active option (if not already selected).
    4. Click Update.
  7. (Optional) Create or modify the inbox card layout to show the most important information from a work item.
    For more information, see Create or modify an inbox layout.


Your custom service channel routes work to agents. In Agent Workspace, the service channel appears as an available service channel in the agent inbox.