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Create a work item queue

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Create a work item queue

Define or modify a queue so that you can determine which specific work items are routed automatically to agents through a given service channel.

Before you begin

Role required: awa_admin or admin

About this task

Depending on the service channel, additional configuration options are available. For example, in the chat channel you define the standard messages displayed during a chat session with a user.


  1. Navigate to Advanced Work Assignment > Queues.
    • To create a queue, click New.
    • To modify a queue, select the queue record to be updated.
  2. Fill in or update the fields on the Queues form.
    Field Definition
    Name The name of the queue. A default queue may be available for the service channel you activated through the AWA-related plugins.
    Service channel The channel to which the queue belongs.

    For the chat channel, define the standard messages displayed to chat users in the Chat Messages section.

    Active Check box indicating whether the queue is enabled.
    Short description A brief explanation of the queue.
    Schedule The support schedule that defines when the queue is available.
    Order During routing, the order in which AWA considers the routing condition for this work item queue, in comparison to other queues.
    Target wait time The estimated time (Days or Hours, minutes, seconds) allotted for an agent to accept an item in the queue.
    Max Wait Time Maximum amount of time that an agent has to accept or reject a chat request. After time runs out, the requester receives the No Agents Available Message that is defined in Chat Setup.
    Note: The Max Wait Time field is available after you associate the queue to the chat service channel.
    Application The type of scoped application.
    Routing Condition
    Define condition here Check box that indicates a routing condition is to be applied to the queue. If checked, define the Condition mode and Work item routing condition.
    Condition mode The type of condition for routing work items in the queue.
    • Simple: Specify a routing condition using the condition builder.
    • Advanced: Specify a JavaScript scripted condition.
    Work item routing condition The condition that applies to the work items in this queue.

    Use the condition builder to select routing conditions. The fields available for selection are based on the selected service channel.

    Script JavaScript condition statement that specifies the work items to be routed to the queue. The condition must evaluate to true.
    Chat Messages For the chat service channel.
    Question Initial phrase that users see when they start a new chat in the queue. For example: How can we help you?
    Confirm problem Message to users acknowledging the chat request. For example: Thank you for contacting support. Someone will be with you shortly to assist you.
    Initial agent response Message that users see when an agent accepts a chat. For example: Thank you for contacting support. I am looking into your question now and will be with you shortly.
  3. Click Submit for a new queue or Update to modify the queue.
    The queue is added to or updated in the Queues [awa_queue_list] table.

What to do next

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