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Assign users to seats

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Assign users to seats

Delegators receive an email notification requesting that they assign seats using Move Details.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Floor Plan.
  2. On the right-side pane, on the Moves tab, select the scenario.
  3. Click the destination link for which there are pending assignments.
    The users with pending destinations are listed.
    Figure 1. Users pending destinations
    In this figure, the users requiring seats are shown in the Pending Destination section of the Moves tab.
  4. Click the chair icon icon beside a name and click a destination space on the map.
    The user and location are added to the Assigned destination link.
  5. Continue assigning spaces in this manner.
    You are finished assigning spaces when all users in the Pending destination list have been moved into the Assigned destination list.
    Figure 2. Users assigned spaces
    In this figure, the users have all been moved to the Assigned destination section of the Moves tab.