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View a solution

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View a solution

View all solutions, solutions with highest-supersedence and solutions associated with vulnerable items to inform your remediation activities.

Before you begin

Role required:, sn_vul.admin, or sn_vul.remediation_owner

About this task

As a Vulnerability Analyst or Remediation Owner, you can view different solution sets related to vulnerable items.
Note: Solution records are read-only except under Notes in the Internal notes section or user-created solutions.


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability Response > Solutions.
  2. Choose a solution list.
  3. To review, click each item.
  4. [Optional] Enter notes under the Notes tab and right-click Save to remain on the page or click Update to save and return to the Vulnerability Solutions list.
    Note: If you only have the role, you would not be able to perform this step.