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Manually reclassify unmatched configuration items from Discovered Items

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Manually reclassify unmatched configuration items from Discovered Items

Use this process to manually reclassify configuration items (CIs) in the Discovered Items list when the Reclassify button is unavailable.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

If a configuration item (CI) has already been reclassified once, the Reclassify button on the Discovered Items list cannot be used again. Also, the Reclassify button is not available for unmatched CIs imported from Kingston or earlier versions of third-party integrations.


  1. Navigate to Security Operations > CMDB > Discovered Items.
  2. To reclassify the configuration item:
    1. In the Class column, double-click inside the first Class field box (not the link).
      Class field
      The Class list appears.
      Class list
    2. To reclassify, select a different class from the Class list.
    3. Click the green check mark icon (Green check mark icon.)
    Any data added to or left in these fields is transferred to the resulting Configuration Item when it is reclassified.
  3. (Optional) To update the record for this CI in the CMBD directly, click the information icon (information icon) next to Configuration Item within the Discovered Items record.
    1. Click Open record.
    2. Make your changes and click Update.