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Discovered Items

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Discovered Items

Assets are automatically matched to configuration items (CIs) in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) when they are imported using CI Lookup Rules. Discovered Items give you visibility into how asset identification is mapped to CIs in the CMDB.

Discovered Items are considered matched, unmatched, or reclassified. Identified CIs are in the Matched state. To make it easier to find potential matching issues, the CI Lookup Rule that matched the CI appears in the CI matching rule field.
Note: CI matching rule field support is available only for the Qualys and Rapid7 vulnerability integrations.

If a match was not found, a CI is created in the Unmatched CI class [sn_sec_cmn_unmatched_ci] of the CMDB. If the original unmatched CI was reclassified, Discovered Items are updated to reflect that state. See Unmatched CIs and View and reclassify unmatched configuration items for more information.

By default, the Security Operations > CMDB > Discovered Items module lists unmatched configuration items. You can view all discovered items from an import by removing the filter.

For a description of the fields in Discovered Items, see Discovered Items fields