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Install and configure the Shodan Exploit Integration

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Install and configure the Shodan Exploit Integration

Before you can run the Shodan Exploit Integration in your instance, download and install it from the ServiceNow Store. This application is available as a separate subscription.

Before you begin

Complete the following setup checklist prior to installation. These setup tasks are required for a smooth installation and configuration.
Note: This process applies only to applications downloaded to production instances. If you are downloading applications to sub-production or development instances, it is not necessary to get entitlements. Proceed to Activate a ServiceNow Store application.
Setup tasks Description
Verify that the Vulnerability Response application is installed and activated.

To verify that this application is activated, navigate to Subscription Management > Subscriptions in your instance. The list displays the subscriptions your organization has purchased.

If the application is not installed and activated see, Install and configure Vulnerability Response.

Prepare for the integration. See Preparing for the Shodan Exploit Integration.

Role required: admin


  1. Log in to the instance you want to install the Shodan Exploit Integration application on.
  2. Navigate to the ServiceNow Store.
  3. In the ServiceNow Store, search for the Shodan Exploit Integration application.
  4. Click the application tile.
    Detailed information about the application you are installing is displayed.
    Note: Consider reading the Other Requirements and Dependencies sections, as applicable.
  5. Click Request App and enter your HI login credentials.
  6. Click Request Install.
  7. Enter the Instance Name and Reason for the Instance, and click Validate Instance.
  8. Click Request.
    You will receive an email with detailed installation instructions.
  9. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  10. Locate the application, select it, and click Install.
    Your application is automatically installed on your instance.
  11. Once the installation completes, navigate to Shodan Exploit IntegrationConfiguration
    Shodan Exploit Integration configuration form
  12. Fill in the API Key field
  13. Click Save.
    Your Shodan Exploit Integration configuration is complete.