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Removed features and products in New York

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Removed features and products in New York

Cumulative release notes summary on features that were removed from New York features and products.

Some features were removed as part of New York product updates.
Application or feature Details

Agile Development 2.0

From the Agile Development application navigator, removed the:
  • Planning menu option. For release planning, use the Backlog Planning tab on the Agile Board.
  • Daily Stand Up Boards menu option. Track the progress of your scrum tasks in the Task Board view on the Sprint Tracking tab.
  • Backlog and Release Backlog menu options. Create a personalized backlog using the Personal backlogs menu option.

Cloud Management

  • Because the Cloud Management application uses an improved discovery process, you no longer perform discovery on an entire cloud account. Instead, in the Cloud Admin Portal, you schedule discovery for each service account. See Schedule discovery of all resources in a service account.

Contextual Search

  • In the Table configurations form, the When to display section does not appear when the UI type is Workspace. The message Agent Assist Display Condition has been moved to Declarative Action Assignments appears.
  • Recommendation is no longer included in the list of additional resources.

Facilities Service Management

Space management, facilities move management, and interactive facility maps are no longer available for new customers. ServiceNow still supports these features for existing customers.

Financial Management

The following functionalities are no longer available unless you have an ITBM Analyst license:
  • Create, clone, or download cost models.
  • Ability to modify cost model segment hierarchy.
  • Financial Charging application.

Flow Designer

The com.snc.process_flow.reporting.level system property replaces the com.snc.process_flow.reporting.enabled system property. A fix script converts this property and its values during upgrade.

Mobile platform

  • Folders are no longer used to organize applets. You can now use applets in Application Launcher pages.


The glide.ui.email_client.attach_to_email_record_until_sent system property, which controls how attachments are handled in email client, is deprecated. As of the New York release, you can configure attachment handling in the Email Client Configuration module.

On-Call Scheduling

The older on-call creation wizard was replaced by a more robust wizard that you can use to create, edit, and maintain on-call schedules.

Performance Analytics

On interactive breakdown dashboards, the dropdown list that allows you to select only one breakdown element is removed on upgrade. This list is replaced with a new menu that allows multiple elements to be selected. For more information, see the "New in the New York release" section.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Management: The Original Start Date and Original End Date fields are not displayed by default on the Project form.

Service Level Management

The Service Offering SLA Definition type that appears while creating an SLA definition is removed. Only a single service commitment SLA type is available to provide a better experience.

Software Asset Management

  • The following charts are removed from Citrix Publisher Overview:
    • Top 5 Products Installed: this chart is replaced by the Software Products in the Citrix Farms chart.
    • Application Usage Trend: this chart is removed because licensing is based on potential access instead of actual usage.
  • The Per Core (Physical Core) and Per Core (Virtual OSE) metrics are deprecated from the New York release. Any existing entitlements using Per Core (Physical Core) and Per Core (Virtual OSE) metrics are replaced with the Per Core metric. You may see a change in your reconciliation results.

Vulnerability Response

Version 9.0: The Configure SAM NVD and Vulnerable Software modules have been removed due to dependent content from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) that is no longer available.

Version 9.0: Create CVE entry check box in the Rapid7 Vulnerability Integration configuration page. CVEs, not already present, are created as NVD records and referenced in the third-party entry for Rapid7, by default.

Version 8.0: Vulnerability Calculator Groups have been renamed Vulnerability Calculators and the group module no longer exists.