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Software Asset Management release notes

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Software Asset Management release notes

ServiceNow® Software Asset Management product enhancements and updates in the New York release.

New York upgrade information

Revert customizations after installing Software Asset Management for the first time, or upgrading from Software Asset Management Foundation plugin, for all features to function as intended. The Revert Customizations module in Software Asset Management administration reverts customizations of files related to Software Asset Management to base configuration that were skipped during the installation or upgrade process. For more information, see Revert Software Asset Management customizations.

Warning: If you upgrade to the Software Asset Management Professional plugin (com.snc.samp) from the Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management), you cannot revert to the Software Asset Management plugin(com.snc.software_asset_management).

For more upgrade information, see Software Asset Management upgrade information.

New in the New York release

Manage SaaS license usage and cost
Manage license usage and cost. SaaS License Management integrates directly with your Box, Dropbox, DocuSign, G Suite, Salesforce, and Zoom accounts. View usage information to plan future license purchases. Reclaim licenses with minimal activity to stop paying for unused software.
Import financial data to track and optimize software spending
Import your company’s financial transaction data to track, analyze, and take action on software spending. Software Spend Detection automatically identifies transactions that are software purchases. Streamline business processes and reduce costs by consolidating software products with similar functionality. The Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Software Asset Management Professional [] plugin adds the Overlapping Software dashboard.
Manage SAP license compliance for users with indirect access from other business applications
Manage SAP license compliance for users with indirect access from third-party applications to an SAP client. The SAP system collects activity data about your users and their transactions. Use this information to gain insight by defining rules for user and activity data and to be notified about potential indirect access.
Optimize SAP licenses based on user role authorization
Assign a more accurate named user type to your users based on the roles and functions they perform in SAP to optimize your license. The ServiceNow platform performs an optimization calculation by comparing the user’s actual SAP assigned roles with the roles in the Named User Type definition. A downgrade option that can cover all the assigned roles of the user is suggested.
Manage licenses for Microsoft Software Assurance

Manage license cost and renewals for your Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) licenses. Create an entitlement to track your SA license software rights. During reconciliation, downgrade and upgrade rights are used, which optimizes which licenses are used for your installed software.

More Microsoft volume licensing agreements are supported: Open License, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Select License, Select Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Subscription Agreements.

Optimize Windows SQL Server license costs
Optimize your Windows SQL Server license cost with the new Per Core license. Per Core license cores on both the physical server and the virtual cores that support virtual machines and presents a cost-efficient model based on the number of rights used.
Manage Citrix User/Device licenses

Use the Citrix publisher pack to manage your user and device licenses. Get visibility into the Citrix Per user and device licenses that you own and manage your license compliance. The Citrix Publisher Overview dashboard has been enhanced to include usage information on user and device licenses.

License calculators have been updated to account for third-party software that is delivered using Citrix app virtualization. The license calculators are licensed based on potential access instead of actual software usage.

Manage IBM ILMT/BigFix Inventory license compliance

Use the IBM License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory integration to integrate your IBM servers with the Now Platform®, create entitlements and software models, and determine your license compliance by tracking your IBM products and components.

Once the connection with ILMT or BigFix Inventory is successful, historical data is retrieved for the aggregated period set up in ILMT and BigFix Inventory. This data includes products, components, editions, hosts, virtual machines, and license usage.

HR Onboarding: Improve new hire onboarding experience leveraging Asset Management

Automate the process for new hires to request IT assets, track and update the assets, and minimize the risks of delays or missing assets. Improve the new-hire onboarding experience with a base system workflow that automates the fulfillment process for IT hardware, software, and consumable requests. The status of the IT asset is automatically updated as it moves through the fulfillment process until it gets assigned to the requester.

Discover installed software using file signatures
Use File-based Discovery to identify software that runs on your UNIX and Windows servers and devices, without the availability of registration information. File-based Discovery looks for files based on attributes such as file name and size. File-based Discovery then compares these discovered files with a set of rules from the Content library to identify installed software.
Manage compliance for software licenses under management
As you roll out Software Asset Management in phases, get an accurate picture of license compliance on the set of software models which are under active management, that is, you have completed set-up of these software models, discovered the software installs, and captured all the licenses you own. Exclude from your license compliance reports any software models which are still being worked on or are not being actively managed.
Get visibility to end-of-life and end-of-support software
Using end-of-support or end-of-life software, no longer supported by a publisher, exposes your organization to the risk of security threats. Use the Software Model Lifecycle Report to get visibility to end-of-life and end-of-support software. Use the information to mitigate risk to your organization with remediation actions such as buying extended support, planning for software upgrade, or software removal.
Quick Start tests for Software Asset Management
After upgrades and deployments of new applications or integrations, run quick start tests to verify that Software Asset Management still works. If you customized Software Asset Management, copy the quick start tests and configure them for your customizations. New quick start tests for Software Asset Management include:
  • SAM - Create Software Entitlement using Custom PPN
  • SAM - Software Model Checks for SAP
  • SAM - Software Model Checks for SaaS
  • SAM - Validate Fields on SaaS Software Products

Changed in this release

Citrix publisher pack
  • Most software publishers (like Microsoft) require applications that are delivered via Citrix to be licensed based on potential access from a user or a device instead of actual application usage. License compliance reporting for software delivered through Citrix considers users and devices with potential access to applications. See Software Asset Management upgrade information for the manner in which this change has been handled.
  • The Citrix discovery probe uses a discovery pattern that may misidentify a device as a Citrix Delivery Controller. A change has been made to the pattern used by Citrix discovery probe to address this issue.
  • On the client access record form, a new field User/Device count replaces the total device count field.
SAP publisher pack
  • A new column, Is discovered is added to the Named User Type [samp_named_user_type] table.
  • The Named user types navigation menu is filtered to show records where the column Is discovered equals true.
  • The Named User Types form has a new related list, SAP roles, which is used to map named user types to roles.
  • The SAP Users form has two new related lists, SAP user activities and SAP web activities.
  • The SAP System User [samp_sap_system_user] table has a new column, Optimized named user type, which is visible in the default list view.
  • The SAP dashboard has new widgets: Users for role-based optimization, Potential indirect users from user activity, and Potential indirect users from transaction activity.
  • A new Downloads menu item is added to the SAP module. Download the SAP ABAP code directly from the ServiceNow instance.
  • On the SAP connection, the UI action has been modified to test the SAP connection and the version of the deployed ABAP code.
Label for Downgrades/Upgrades changed to Downgrade Rights
The label for the Downgrades/Upgrades related list on the Software Entitlement form has been changed to Downgrade Rights.
Downgrade rights
  • Downgrade rights can be deactivated on the Software Entitlement form. Deleting downgrade rights is no longer supported.
  • Downgrade rights support is added to the following calculators:
    • Common: Per Core, Per Processor
    • Microsoft: Per Core (with CAL), Per Core
Microsoft Publisher Pack
The Microsoft Per Core (with CAL) license is updated to consider unlimited virtualization for the Windows Server Datacenter Edition deployed in clustered environments.

Removed in this release

  • The following charts are removed from Citrix Publisher Overview:
    • Top 5 Products Installed: this chart is replaced by the Software Products in the Citrix Farms chart.
    • Application Usage Trend: this chart is removed because licensing is based on potential access instead of actual usage.
  • The Per Core (Physical Core) and Per Core (Virtual OSE) metrics are deprecated from the New York release. Any existing entitlements using Per Core (Physical Core) and Per Core (Virtual OSE) metrics are replaced with the Per Core metric. You may see a change in your reconciliation results.

Activation information

The Software Asset Management Professional (com.snc.samp) plugin requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data. Depending on your environment, you may choose to request one or more related plugins which also must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. See Request Software Asset Management.

The Activate All Software Asset Management Professional plugin (com.sn_samp_master) loads the following plugins in one step:
  • Software Asset Management Professional(com.snc.samp) plugin
  • SaaS License Management (com.sn_sam_saas) and SaaS License Management Integrations (com.sn_sam_saas_int) plugin
  • All publisher pack add-on plugins

For the Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management) and Software Asset Management Foundation plugin (com.snc.sams) features of Software Asset Management, see ITSM Software Asset Management.