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New York Patch 2

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New York Patch 2

The New York Patch 2 release contains important problem fixes.

New York Patch 2 was released on October 3, 2019.
Build date: 09-24-2019_1701
Build tag: glide-newyork-06-26-2019__patch2-09-18-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to New York.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of New York fixed problems, see KB0748891.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in New York: Benchmarks, Document Viewer, Instance Data Replication, and ServiceNow mobile.


New York Patch 2 includes 111 PRBs fixed in various problem categories. The chart below shows the top 10 problem categories.

Figure 1. Top 10 problem categories
Fixed issues grouped by problem categories bar chart

Security-related fixes

New York Patch 2 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in New York Patch 2, refer to KB0780117.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

User Criteria


The user_id is not recognized in the scoped application due to placing the object in global

Text Search



Unexpected results are returned in the text search when the term is separated by period, underscore, or hyphen Inconsistent search results are observed when keywords contain period, underscore, or hyphen. For example, for a document that has a short description wordA.wordB.wordC, when searching for the text wordA.wordB, this document is not returned. However, when searching for "wordA.wordB" (with the double quote), the document is returned.
  1. In the first table (for example, kb_knowledge), create a record with a short description containing wordA.wordB.wordC-wordD.
  2. In another table (for example, incident), create a record with a short description containing wordA.wordB.
  3. In the kb_knowledge table, search for wordA.wordB.

Notice that the previous document added in Step 1 is not found. However, you will see the results when searching with double quotes ("wordA.wordB").



The Export to PDF option is not available to normal users even if they are able to view the record

Mobile Studio (non-classic)



In Mobile Studio, applet launchers do not load, displaying a blank page In New York Mobile Studio, after clicking Applet Launchers, a blank page is displayed, and errors appear in the console.
  1. Navigate to Mobile Studio in New York.
  2. Ensure that the property 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' is set to false.
  3. Try to launch the applet launcher of any mobile app in the studio.

Notice that a blank page is displayed.




Network Switch pattern fails on Cisco Catalyst 3750 using SNMPv3 AES 256 The discovery of Cisco switches does not consider SNMPv3 when using AES 256 with Network Switch pattern.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


Images pasted or imported to the HTML field are cropped and not fully visible in the 'Activities' log
  1. Create an HTML field in the incident table.
  2. Add the field in the activity formatter.
  3. Import an image into the new HTML field.
  4. Save the form.
  5. Observe the image displayed in the activity stream.

Advanced Work Assignment


The end user in the child domain is not able to find available agents in the parent domain Users in child domains cannot initiate support conversations with agents in parent domains in AWA because the system cannot find available agents.
  1. Install the Virtual Agent Client, Domain Support, and Advanced Work Assignment plugins.
  2. Set up two users where the workspace chat agent is in the parent domain of the end user who will start the chat.

    For example, 'Service Desk Agent 1' is in the TOP/MSP domain and 'Customer A End User' is in the 'TOP/MSP/Default' domain.

  3. Set up the AWA chat service channel and make sure that the agent is in the correct assignment group.
  4. As the agent, log in and make yourself available for the chat in Agent Workspace.
  5. As the end user, navigate to the VA web client in the portal.
  6. Click the three dots, and then choose Contact support.

Expected behavior: You should see the option to live chat with the agent.

Actual behavior: You see 'No Chat Agents Currently Available'.

Agent Intelligence


More specific filters cannot be used on the word vector corpus creation due to the filter field size restrictions
  1. Navigate to Predictive Intelligence > Word Corpus.
  2. Create a word corpus.
  3. Add the word corpus content with multiple filter conditions (at least 4).

Notice that the filter field of the word corpus content table does not show the full filter condition query.

Agent Workspace


During the 'Updating Schema' stage of the upgrade process, attempting to create a workspace incident fails
  1. Start upgrading a London or Madrid instance to New York.
  2. Open the upgrade monitor.
  3. During each stage of the upgrade process, open the workspace, and then open the incident list to click the New button.
  4. Repeat the previous step frequently during each stage.

Notice that at some point of the 'Updating Schema' stage, attempting to create a workspace incident fails.

Agile Development


The SAFe Board does not show List/Task board when the High Security plugin is not installed

Agile Development


When launching the SAFe Board, the SAFe Board does not load and an error occurs When the High Security plugin is installed and the system property 'glide.ui.escape_text' is set to false, accessing the SAFe Board from the navigator displays the error 'The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.'
  1. Install the High Security plugin.
  2. Set the property 'glide.ui.escape_text' to false.
  3. Access the SAFe Board from the navigator.

Expected behavior: Users should be able to launch the SAFe Board.

Actual behavior: The following error message appears: 'The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.'

App Client UI


For an app of which the lower version is compatible and the higher version is incompatible, incorrect indicator is displayed after installing the app with the lower version
  1. Log in as the admin.
  2. Navigate to the All Applications page, and search for an app with the following condition:
    • 1.0 - Compatible
    • 2.0 - Incompatible
  3. Install the lower version of the app.
  4. After the installation, select the lower version from the version drop-down list.

Notice that for version 1.0, the indicator is displayed as 'Incompatible' instead of 'Compatible'.

App Client UI


The update set import fails due to the system property 'sn_appclient.last .processed.checksum' being added to the update set When creating the scoped app, the system property 'sn_appclient.last. processed.checksum' is being added to the update set, causing the update set import to fail.
  1. Navigate to System Applications > My Company Applications.
  2. Create an app, and create the custom table while creating the app.
  3. Navigate to the default update set that is created for the above app.
  4. Open the default update set.

Notice that the system property 'sn_ appclient.last.processed.checksum' appears, which is causing the update set import to fail.

Automated Test Framework


Navigating to a page with a form control whose name is 'action' causes the next step to error A test that navigates to a page with a form control whose name is 'action' causes the next step to error with the message 'formList[i].action.indexOf is not a function'. Some platform pages, such as the various properties pages (system_, have such controls.
  1. Create a test.
  2. Create a Navigate to Module step that navigates to 'Automated Test Framework > Properties'.
  3. Create an Open a new form step on any table.
  4. Run the test.

Notice that the Open a new form step errors out.

Automated Test Framework


GEM V2 does not function properly with more than one glide_list selected on a form
  1. Create a test in ATF, and add a basic 'Create a user' test step.
  2. Submit.
  3. Add another 'Create a user' test step, and use GEM to set the input to 'Groups' to be a reference to any output from the previous steps.
  4. Submit the step and observe the step description.

    Notice that the 'with roles:' line appears with no roles listed. However, 'roles' should not be mentioned in the description.

  5. Open that step again and observe the 'roles' input.

Expected behavior: 'Roles' should be an empty list.

Actual behavior: 'Roles' contains an entry named 'gem-placeholder'.

AWA: Routing and Assignment


Missing record watcher responders are occasionally observed for Advanced Work Assignments

Change Management



Integration with Service Mapping discovery causes events to be slowly processed Events are slowly processed due to 'discovery.complete' events.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Change Management


The workflow is not able to set approvals generated by the Change Approval Policy activity to 'Requested' again for an individual user approval
  1. Ensure that a user group has a manager.
  2. Move a low-risk normal change request that is assigned to this user group to the 'Authorize' state.

    You should now have a single user approval for the group's manager.

  3. Move the change request to On-hold and save.

    Notice that the manager's approval is set to 'No longer required'.

  4. Move the change request out of On-hold and save.

Notice that the manager's approval is not set to 'Required'.

Cloud Management Application



The 'Instantiates: Instantiated by' relationship is not created between cmdb_ci_vmware_instance and cmdb_ci_win_server after provisioning the VMware stack and then running the OS discovery

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


When the provision fails due to permission, proper error messages should be displayed instead of NullPointerException
  1. Get an AWS account that does not have the permission to provision VM on AWS.
  2. Log in to the instance and navigate to the Cloud Admin Portal page.
  3. Configure the AWS credentials of the account from Step 1.
  4. Create the blueprint and catalog to provision VM on AWS.
  5. Submit the order.

Notice that the order fails with the error NullPointerException, which is confusing. The actual error is different, and proper error messages should be displayed instead of NullPointerException if the VM provision fails due to the permission/capacity limit.

Cloud Management Application


The container is reverted to the version in which the class name and the background image are lost when the 'Cloud Management' plugin is installed

Cloud Management Application


CIs are incorrectly set to Absent/ Terminated in cloud discovery CMPReconciler uses getDisplayValue() for comparisons instead of GlideDateTime(), causing CIs to be incorrectly set to Absent/Terminated in cloud discovery.

Cloud Management Application


Azure billing download fails with 'Socket timeout' when downloading data from previous months The billing download can fail if the billing size is large. When downloading the billing data for the current month, it works fine. However, when downloading for previous months, AzureBillingProbe encounters 'Socket timeout' and the download fails.

Cloud Management Application


Upgrading to Madrid breaks Azure cloud billing jobs on a domain separated instance This problem affects users upgrading to Madrid from their pre-Madrid domain separated instance with Azure Enterprise Agreement Credential configured (sn_cmp_azure_ea_ credential).

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The baseline shows more changes than it should The CMDB baseline difference list shows more changes than it should.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Slow network adapter queries

Continual Improvement Management (CIM)


During the upgrade from Madrid to New York, unwanted steps exist in each ATF test, which need to be deleted on upgrade
  1. In Madrid, activate the CIM and CIM ATF plugins.
  2. Upgrade the instance.
  3. Navigate to ATF tests.
  4. Open one of the ATF tests.

Notice that unwanted steps with no policy are showing up.

Core Platform


The default expiry date for sys_user _delegate is set to 01/01/2020

Customer Service Management


Contextual search results are not showing for CSM portal users

Customer Service Management


The CSM portal page becomes unresponsive after the New York upgrade When logging in to the CSM portal, the proxy contact query is run even if the plugin is not active. This results in the performance degradation, and the page is unresponsive.

Database Indexes


Adding index to the sys_id column on shadow tables will run for longer time if the shadow table has many rows



The vCenter event collector does not update the status if there is an issue between the MID and the vCenter (and the MID is still up)
  1. Set up a vCenter event collector for a specific MID to connect to a vCenter and start the collector.
  2. Perform an activity that will cause the MID to disconnect from the vCenter without shutting down the MID Server, for example, shut down the vCenter server, kill the event collector thread.

Notice that while the MID is trying to be reconnected to the vCenter, the event collector still shows 'Started'.



The Discovery sensor getCMDBCI() returning null could have bad downstream implications The Discovery sensor getCMDBCI() is returning null, which causes insufficient queries.



The age set for the table discovery_ cloud_temp_results needs to be reduced

Edge Encryption



Users are unable to pull up certain records on Service Portal after upgrading to Madrid If an Edge encrypted field contains special characters, it might not be possible to open the record when viewing it through Service Portal.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Event Management


Alert panel (and impact calculation) does not show the correct number of alerts according to the defined limit Alert history query for alert panel does not return the correct value according to the defined limit.

Event Management


SNMPTrapListener is not parsing the OctetString and other inherited classes as expected

SNMPTrapListener is parsing standard SNMP objects (for example, DateAndTime) as a simple OctetString. As a result, the SN event contains an incorrect or non-readable value.

To fix the issue, a new script include 'SnmpOIDCustomParsingLogic' has been added on the MID side (ecc_agent_script_include), which allows to parse complex objects according to the OID key.

The script invocation is managed by the property 'mid.em.snmp_oid.custom _parsing_logic.enabled', and the default value is 'false'. To enable the script include, navigate to the 'ecc_agent _property' table, then add the above property and set the value to 'true'.

Event Management


Records in em_ impact_status table with NetworkPath field defined on them will be inactive although it is still valid When Network Path is used, incorrect impact will be calculated.

Event Management


NPE is thrown in the scheduled job 'Service Analytics group alerts using RCA/Alert Aggregation'

Event Management


Business Service Group: long query to receive service group impact SQL query to receive service group impact takes a long time running from Impact for service groups job.

Event Management


The backfill job is stuck The backfill job is stuck and slowing down DB performance in use cases when Alert has thousands of snapshots in Alert History.

Event Management



Impact jobs get stuck and the dashboard does not load in heavy EM load environments The em_impact_status jobs are stuck and the EM dashboard doesn't load. This happens in environments with high throughput and large em_history and em_impact_status tables.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Event Management


The clean-up of the em_batch _map table does not work if the 'Enforce impact performance' mode is set to false (default)

Flow Designer


Outputs for actions (in this case, AD actions) are changed when publishing the flow Outputs for actions (in this case, AD actions) are changed when publishing the flow. After publishing, instead of 'Status', this is changed to 'Error Code' (one of the input variables of that action).

Flow Designer


Boolean parameters are not passed to the subflow properly Boolean parameters are not passed correctly from flows to subflows within Flow Designer. However, when running the subflow independently, it produces the correct runtime value.

Flow Designer


OncePerUniqueChange is not properly handling journal fields

Flow Designer


The For Each flow logic is not accepting the list object type
  1. Create a flow and add the Demand Created or Updated trigger.
  2. Add the For Each flow logic.
  3. Try to use the Business Applications list as the condition.

Flow Designer


Within a scoped application in Flow Designer, the 'Created or Updated', 'Created', and 'Updated' triggers do not allow the selection of the sys_attachment table in New York Within a scoped application in Flow Designer, users are able to select the 'Attachment [sys_attachment]' choice for the 'Table' field in the trigger in Madrid. However, in New York, users can no longer select the 'Attachment [sys_attachment]' choice for the 'Table' field.

Flow Designer


Flow Designer is not launched when glide.ui. escape_text is set to false and errors occur When launching Flow Designer, the following error message appears: 'The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.'

Guided Tours


In the guided tour, starting on the Targeted communication - recipient lists page cannot be created and an error is thrown
  1. In Madrid, make sure the Targeted Communications (sn_publications) plugin is active.
  2. Navigate to Guided Tours > Create Tour.
  3. On the page that shows up, fill in any name for the tour.
  4. Keep the tour type as Standard UI.
  5. In the Starting Page field, type in Recipients List and select the page with the name
  6. Click Create tour.

Notice that the tour is not created and the following error is shown on the screen: 'The Application page name you entered is not valid. Enter a valid page name.'

Guided Tours


When creating an HR payroll case, the tour in the standard UI fails while playing when the callout is added to the select2 element for the next option
  1. Create a tour for the HR payroll case.
  2. Add the callout to any select2 element on the details page of the payroll case.
  3. After creating the case, place the last callout in the newly created case and then move to the next page.

Notice that the tour fails in the newly created case.

Human Resources


Update the oauth_entity record for the Onboarding app to set 'Disable Consent Screen' to true and 'PCKE Required' to true

Human Resources


Upgrade performance improvements

Human Resources Service Management


Issues with accessing the sys_ journal_field entries via API after installing the Human Resources: Core plugin When activating the HR scoped application plugin, the sys_journal_field table is not visible to the admins (users who possess the admin as well as the HR core admin roles).



The question mark in the resource path is encoded in the REST step
  1. Add a script step to any action and create a string with a '?' in it.
  2. Pass this to the step output.
  3. Add a REST step after the script step, and in the resource path, pass the script created in the previous steps.

Notice that on testing this action, the '?' gets encoded to '%3F'. It is expected to pass without encoding.



Unable to drag and drop the data pill into the Connection Alias field
  1. Launch Action Designer.
  2. Create an action.
  3. Create an input variable.
  4. Add any step, for example, REST.
  5. Drag and drop the data pill of the input variable into the Connection Alias drop-down field.

Notice that the data pill is not being dropped into the Connection Alias field, while the same can be done with Credential Alias.



The IntegrationHub Runtime plugin should be added as a dependency to the AD and Azure AD spoke plugins
  1. Navigate to Plugins and then to Microsoft AD spoke plugin/Microsoft Azure AD spoke plugin.
  2. Verify the dependencies for the plugins.

Notice that the IntegrationHub Runtime plugin is not available, but it should be added as one of the dependencies.

Knowledge Management


The default expiry date for KB articles is set to 01/01/2020, and articles will expire on this date and not be searchable if it is not updated The valid_to field on knowledge articles and templates used to have a default value of '01/01/2020'. To avoid articles getting expired after 01/01/2020, this fix will only update the articles that have a valid_to date of 01/01/2020 to have a new value of 01/01/2100. Articles where users have changed the valid_to date from the default value of 01/01/2020 will not be updated.

Knowledge Management


Whenever a new knowledge submission is created, the valid_to is defaulted to 01/01/2020 The default value of the valid_to field on knowledge submissions used to be '01/01/2020'. After this fix, the default value of valid_to will be changed to '01/01/2100'.

Mobile Platform


Update the oauth_entity record for Now Mobile to set 'Disable Consent Screen' to true

Mobile Platform


Lacking clear messages in the log

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


For the URL type record, the user interface changes when the Save button is clicked
  1. Navigate to Studio > Smart Buttons.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. In the Type field, choose URL, and then fill in the Name field.
  4. Choose a table and fill in the URL Label field.
  5. Save.

Notice that after clicking Save, the URL Link field and the fields drop-down box appear.

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The master item mobile view does not contain Embedded Screen and the table cannot be chosen

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The UI parameter is missing the 'Source field' option for the Default value type field
  1. Open a function in Studio that has a UI parameter.
  2. Open the UI parameter for editing.
  3. Bring up the drop-down list for the Default value type field.

Notice that the 'Source field' option is not available.

Note: The 'Source field' option is not available when editing the UI parameter. However, for newly created parameters, it is available.

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The error 'Please provide a valid field' occurs when the list screen applet is added to the form screen as the segment
  1. Create a list screen applet with the form screen that contains 4 segments: Details, Activity stream, Related list, and List screen applet.
  2. Open Studio.
  3. Open the list screen applet.
  4. Click Save.

Expected behavior: The message 'Record saved successfully' displays.

Actual behavior: The error message 'Please provide a valid field' displays.

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The Mobile Studio view for sys_sg_ ui_parameter is missing necessary fields

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


An info alert is added to state why custom tables are not visible The new custom table is not available in the table picker, but there is no info alert.

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The Variables editor field is not an available field in the applets
  1. Load Mobile Studio.
  2. Create a data item and associate to the table Requested Item [sc_req_item].
  3. Create an applet and associate to the data item.
  4. Try to search for the Variables field.

Notice that the Variables editor field is not available to be selected.

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


Data items from different scopes need to be filtered out The data items drop-down list should be filtered to only show data items from the current scope.

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The reference qualifier for the Item parameter field in the Screen parameters mapping table is not updated when an instance is upgraded from Madrid to New York

Mobile Studio (non-classic)


The page crashes when trying to select a field function
  1. Navigate to Mobile Studio > Applets > Incidents.
  2. Under the Form Screen tab, navigate to Body.
  3. In the Field Functions section, click + to add a field function.
  4. Select Short description as the field.
  5. Try to select a function.

Notice that errors appear in the console and the page crashes.



Incoming and outgoing calls fail after being idle for 20-25 minutes or after a certain number of calls



Change the Licensable flag on the Notify plugin to prevent an entitlement check

Performance Analytics


Reporting series API sends back incorrect data when glide.sys. date_format is different than the base instance value yyyy-MM-dd The date range selector in the Analytics Hub shows 0 for all statistics when using the sliders.



Tagged projects are not working in the PPM portal Tagged projects are not working in the PPM portal, triggering the following error: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Not unique table/alias: 'task0').



When the cleaning rollback job is running, the rollback can potentially delete data from tables that are not shadow tables



The 'Hybridize' function fails when the task has an element with a long name When the task itself (not any of its children) has an element with a long name (>30 characters), the 'Hybridize' function fails with an error.

Project Portfolio Management


Multiple investments are being created for the same entity causing confusions when funds are being allocated For more information, refer to Create an investment, Create a top-level investment, Investment Funding, and Request funds for an investment.

Resource Management


Aggregates are showing incorrectly when the confirmed/ allocated hours of the users are updated in the resource workbench
  1. Create a user and add the 'pps_resource' role.
  2. Add the user to any group (sys_user_group), and assure that the role 'pps_resource' is added to the group.
  3. Create any demand with the duration of 1-3 months.
  4. Click the Resource Plan tab and click Manage that redirects to the 'Allocation workbench'.
  5. Create any resource plan on the demand from August to October.

    Notice that the planned hours are distributed randomly across August, September, and October.

  6. Select the user 'Tom Cruise' in the lower tab of the allocation workbench.
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. Change the confirmed/allocated hours in the workbench. For example, for the month of August, it is 25, and change it to 20.

Notice that after changing the confirmed/ allocated hours, two more hours have been added to the availability of the user 'Tom Cruise', and they are assigned to the user for a non-working day.

Security Incident Response


The numbering of security response tasks is incorrect when tasks are created through Flow Designer
  1. Create the Record Created Trigger and select the incident table.
  2. Add an IF flow logic to the flow, and enter a single condition against the incident record from the Trigger Outputs, for example, Incident.number is '123'.
  3. Save the flow.
  4. Check the current number counter value for the incident table.
  5. Refresh the flow saved X times.
  6. Check the current number counter value.

Notice that it has increased to the previous value plus X, or at least previous value plus X if other processes in the system are operating against the incident table to cause auto-numbering to be triggered (for example, insert, etc.).

Service Catalog


An error occurs when users access public catalog items The following error occurs when accessing public catalog items: 'You are either not authorized or the cart item is invalid'.
  1. In New York, make sure that com.glideapp. servicecatalog_cat_item_view is set to public (in the sys_public table).
  2. Consider any item, and in the related list, create a user criteria with the role public.
  3. Try to access the catalog item without logging in.

Expected behavior: The catalog item should be accessible since there is a public user criteria for it.

Actual behavior: You are unable to access the catalog item, and the message says 'You are either not authorized or the cart item is invalid'.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


For 2010 SLA engine, when the time zone of the SLA definition is different from the schedule time zone, the Stage field stays In Progress after the task is completed

Service Mapping


The session is stuck and becomes unresponsive after trying to add an entry point for the second time The user session is held for a few minutes when adding an entry point to Application Service for the second time, following a previous failure of the same operation.

Service Mapping


Relations coming out of the outbound cluster EP are unnecessarily removed when other connections are created In the top-down discovery process, while discovering an outbound cluster through EP 1, some relations which are originated from different EPs and are connected to the same outbound cluster are unnecessarily removed.

Service Mapping


Discovery errors appear in the getMap call in the Event Management mode, causing unexpected layout in the UI

Service Portal



The field type 'URL' does not display consistently with the platform UI When a URL field is added to a form such as Incident, the field is a clickable link. However, the same field in the form on Service Portal is not a clickable link. It is a read-only grayed field.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Portal


The Live Chat option is not appearing on Service Portal After upgrading to New York, the Live Chat option is not appearing in the header on Service Portal.

Service Portal



The published date for knowledge articles shows incorrect duration on Service Portal if the system date format is set to 'dd/MM/yyyy' The published date for knowledge articles shows '50y ago' on Service Portal if the system date format is set to 'dd/MM/yyyy'.
  1. Log in as the admin.
  2. Navigate to the system property 'glide.sys.date_format'.
  3. Update the value to 'dd/MM/yyyy'.
  4. Save.
  5. Log out and log in again.
  6. Navigate to Service Portal.
  7. Click the head menu 'Knowledge'.
  8. Select any of the categories, for example, 'IT'.
  9. Click to open any article.
  10. Check the data next to the calendar icon.
Expected behavior: The data should vary according to the actual published date of the knowledge articles.

Actual behavior: It shows '50y ago' on both the KB Category Page widget of 'kb_category' and the KB Article Page widget of 'kb_article'.

Software Asset Management Professional


The license type label is not changed to 'Perpetual' after the upgrade
  1. In a Madrid instance, activate SAMP and create a software model for Microsoft Word.
  2. Create a software entitlement with the license type 'Full'.
  3. Upgrade the instance.

Notice that the label in the entitlement record is not changed from 'Full' to 'Perpetual' after the upgrade.

Software Asset Management Professional


The subscription client script 'Update upn on change of user' creates duplicate subscriptions for some common update scenarios

Software Asset Management Professional


If the user has more than two entitlements (common per user) with the same downgrades and different allocations, only the first entitlement's allocations are honored

Software Asset Management Professional


Reconciliation fails for Microsoft Reconciliation fails for Microsoft with an error in the log: 'undefined SAM:ReconciliationEngine'.

Software Asset Management Professional


Software Spend Detection is changing License under management to false

Enable Software Spend Detection and load demo data. Notice that the software models from Software Spend Detection have license_under_management set to false.

Software Asset Management Professional


Improve the time it takes to normalize spend transactions in Software Spend Detection The size of each batch is increased to improve the overall time it takes to normalize a set of imported spend transactions.

Source Control Integration


The upgrade log is not being generated and errors occur with the message 'Unable to use collision detector...' when importing an app from Studio

Tables and Dictionary


Deleting records from tables with columns stored offrow throws an error: 'Syntax Error...INSERT INTO sh$task_offrow...'
  1. Create a table that extends the task.
  2. Create a mediumtext column, for example, a string with a max length of 400.
  3. Activate the 'Database Column Offrow Migration' plugin.
  4. Open the Dictionary record for the column created in Step 2, and click the 'Move Column Offrow' related link.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Create a record on the table.
  7. Open the record and click Delete.

Transaction and Session Management


Upgrade fails due to the quota exceeded for scoped background transactions

Update Sets



The preview of the batched update set that adds a new scoped application fails and cannot be committed Errors occur when committing the batched update set that adds one or more new scoped applications.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Duplicate upgrade history entries are generated when glide.war and glide.war.assigned are set
  1. Set the glide.war and glide.war.assigned properties.
  2. Activate a plugin, for example, 'com.snc.sdlc.agile.2.0'.
  3. Observe

Notice that there are duplicate entries in the 'To' column.

Usage Analytics


When a custom table is added to the inventory, it takes up to an hour for the UA tracking cache to refresh, hence the table is not available in the entitled list of tables for Mobile Studio When a custom table is added to the inventory, it takes up to an hour for the UA tracking cache to refresh. During that time, even if the enforcement is off, the list of entitled custom tables does not include this new table. Mobile Studio users have to wait for this table to become available.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


Whenever a vendor risk assessment is returned for review, any attachment present in the assessment is removed

Whenever a risk assessment is returned to the vendor for review, any attachment present in the assessment is removed. The attachment is not resubmitted.

In a scenario where the attachment field in the assessment is a required field, the vendor is unable to resubmit the assessment unless they reattach the documents. This results in the responses having duplicate attachments.

Virtual Agent Platform


The availability of the agents is not updating on Service Portal, and users need to refresh the page to see the correct availability When agents are offline and users try to contact support from Service Portal, they will first get the message 'Routing to live agent'. However, if users refresh the page and start the conversation again, they will get the correct message 'No chat agents currently available'.

Virtual Agent Platform


The context passed in the record producer pre-chat is not maintained in the second live chat conversion after ending the first one



Wait for Condition hangs indefinitely even when the record condition has been met



The subflow execution fails with an error The subflow execution fails with the following error: 'com.snc.process_ flow.exception.ProcessAutomationException: Unable to clone plan = null'.

Other New York Patch 2 information

Create an investment
  • For a specific target, you can create only one investment.
  • You can create only one investment for a target type-target pair.
Create a top-level investment
  • If you leave the target type and a target in a top-level investment empty, then a generic investment is created.
  • You can create only one top-level investment for a target type-target pair.
  • The Owner field set up in the selected funding entity determines the value in this field.

Investment Funding

An investment contains information about the funds, costs, business case, and goals. An investment is associated to a funding entity. You can also create a generic investment that doesn't need to be associated to a funding entity. Use investments to allocate or request funds to meet defined business goals.

Request funds for an investment
  1. Select a funding entity type from the Source Type list.
  2. Select a funding entity from which you want to request funds from the Source list.
Note: If the owner field is set up in the selected source type, the owner name populates on the Investment Owner field. For more information, see Create a funding entity.

You can request funds from a generic investment only if you have received funds from that generic investment in the past.

Request funds for a project
  1. Select a funding entity type from the Source Type list.
  2. Select a funding entity from which you want to request funds from the Source list.
Note: The investment owner of the selected source populates on the Investment Owner field. You cannot change the owner.
When you create a project from a demand, the demand investment and its fund details are copied from the demand investment to the project investment.
Software Asset Management upgrade information
  • Full license type has been changed to Perpetual for all software.
  • The license duration field in the Software Entitlement form has been removed for all software types and rolled into the Subscription license type.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.