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Dynamic Translation release notes

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Dynamic Translation release notes

ServiceNow® Dynamic Translation is a new feature in the New York release.

For a seamless localization experience, you can use translation service providers and enable the translation of dynamically generated text, such as user-entered text on various forms.

Dynamic Translation features

Dynamic translation on forms
Enable dynamic translation for the supported fields on ServiceNow platform forms by adding the Dynamic Translation Enabled attribute (dynamic_translation_enabled) in the system dictionary for a field. The text is translated dynamically based on the language of the user working on the form​​.
IntegrationHub spokes for dynamic translation
Connect to a translation service provider by invoking translation as part of a workflow using ServiceNow®IntegrationHub spokes, if you have the admin role. By default, spokes are available for Microsoft and IBM. Sign up for Microsoft or IBM accounts and provide the credential keys in the ServiceNow system.
Translator configuration
Configure a translator configuration to integrate with any translation service provider of your choice, if you have the admin role. You can activate this configuration and make it the default configuration if required. All Dynamic Translation APIs use the default translator configuration if you do not specify the translation service provider while calling these APIs.
Dynamic Translation APIs
Use the DynamicTranslation API to translate text in real time into multiple languages using translation service providers. This API is available as part of Server APIs, Client APIs, and Service Portal APIs to interact with translation service providers.

Activation information

Activate the Dynamic Translation plugin (com.glide.dynamic_translation).

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