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Mobile platform release notes

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Mobile platform release notes

ServiceNow® mobile product enhancements and updates in the New York release.

You can manage incidents, collaborate with your team, respond to approval requests, access the knowledge base, and receive push notifications with your mobile device.

New York upgrade information

During the upgrade to the New York release, the instance is updated to use the new mobile hierarchy, which includes new features such as application launchers and a configurable navigation bar. Any unmodified base system mobile applications that are installed on your instance are automatically updated to work with the new design and can be used with Studio right away. For more details on the mobile hierarchy, see ServiceNow mobile app configuration.

Modified base system applications and applications that you have created in Studio will continue to work after the upgrade, but they will not be configurable in Studio until after you run the mobile migration script. For additional details on the migration script, see Mobile migration script.

New in the New York release

Applet Launchers
Create an applet launcher that acts as a landing page for your users. Your users see an applet launcher when they first log in to a mobile app. This launcher provides access to applets in various formats, as well as search, quick actions, and user information.
Embed a link to a list or form applet within the ServiceNow Agent, Now Mobile, and Mobile Onboarding apps.
Navigation bar
Use the navigation bar in the Application Menu to access applets, applet launchers, settings, and notifications. This bar is at the bottom of your mobile applications.
Form Applet
Use a form applet to display the details of a record. For example, your users may need to select a record to see details that they couldn't find on the list header or map applet. The form applet replaces the detail screen that was previously a part of list and map applets and includes the same functionality.
Localization on mobile devices
Native mobile apps are localized in 15 additional languages.

Changed in this release

Mobile Application Hierarchy
The mobile application hierarchy has changed to a more configurable format using application launchers and a configurable navigation bar.
Form Applet has replaced record details screens
Use the form applet to provide a view of record details, activity, and related lists for a record. Applets that link to a record, such as a list applet or calendar applet, can optionally include a form applet. Previously, applets linked to details screens displaying form data.
Guided application creator
Create a mobile application in Guided Application Creator. With the Guided Application Creator, you can set up an application and use it right away. A developer can add more functions later. New applications that are created in Studio now use the Guided Application Creator by default.
Mobile UI Styles
Use the new item view enhancements to add dynamic styling options and new style capabilities to provide a better experience for your users.
Role required for Approvals
Use the business_stakeholder or the approver_user role to approve a catalog request or requested item.

Removed in this release

  • Folders are no longer used to organize applets. You can now use applets in Application Launcher pages.

Activation information

Depending on your device, go to the iTunes Store or the Google Play store and search for ServiceNow to download the native mobile applications. For more information, see Mobile configuration and navigation.

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