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Vendor Manager Workspace release notes

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Vendor Manager Workspace release notes

ServiceNow® Vendor Manager Workspace is a new application in the New York release.

Vendor Manager Workspace provides a single destination for you to manage and view vendor performance, information, and data. Users with the admin role can configure vendor score weight and metrics, as well as add and define vendors using platform list views and forms.

Vendor Manager Workspace features

Vendor Manager Workspace monitoring experience

Manage your vendors in a single workspace interface to effectively gain knowledge of all vendor-related information.

Monitor and view vendor performance metrics from the workspace view.

Vendor directory

View a high-level collated list of every vendor your organization manages and collaborates with in both workspace view or platform view. In workspace view, you can choose My Vendors to see the vendors that you personally manage. View All Vendors to research and gain insight into vendors you don't manage but want to know about.

Use the vendor directory as a landing page to access key vendor information, such as Vendor Name, Vendor Score, Vendor manager, Vendor type, vendor's Rank tier, Relationship Start Date, Total Cost of Contracts, and Unique Subscribers.

Vendor profile
Select a vendor name from the vendor directory in workspace view to monitor and manage all pertinent vendor-related information. In addition to viewing Rank tier, Vendor type, and Vendor manager, as seen in the vendor directory, you can also view the following vendor-related details:
  • Service offerings
  • Contracts
  • Improvement initiatives
  • SLA definitions
  • Vendor performance metrics and trending
  • Vendor risk score details
  • Vendor website
  • Vendor location and address
  • Vendor contact name and internal contact names
Vendor Score Weight Definitions and Metrics Configuration

Define the Vendor Satisfaction Weight and Average Performance Score of Service Offerings Weight via the Vendor Score Weight form. The average of this metric is displayed in the workspace at the Vendor Score.

View and monitor the overall health of your vendor via the Vendor Score.

Calculate and view the average Performance score of a vendor's service offerings.

Calculate and view the Vendor Satisfaction Rating determined by stakeholders who collaborate with your vendors.

Decide what performance score metrics to monitor and manage in workspace view.

Alignment with Continual Improvement Management
Determine if your vendors are trying to improve performance by viewing the continual improvement initiatives a vendor is engaged in.
Alignment with Service Portfolio Management
Learn how many active service offerings and unique service offering subscribers a vendor has to evaluate the business impact that a vendor has on your company.
Alignment with Contract Management
Discover how many active contracts a vendor has to evaluate the financial impact the vendor has on your company.
Alignment with Service Level Management
Find out how many active SLA definitions a vendor has to monitor their service level agreements with your company.
Alignment with Vendor Risk Management
View your vendor’s current risk rating to determine if the vendor is in compliance with expected risk outcomes.
Alignment with Assessments and Surveys
Determine stakeholder satisfaction with their collaboration with your vendor by generating a Vendor Satisfaction assessment.
Quick start tests for Vendor Manager Workspace
After upgrades and deployments of new applications or integrations, run quick start tests to verify that Vendor Manager Workspace still works. If you customized Vendor Manager Workspace, copy the quick start tests and configure them for your customizations.

Activation information

Vendor Manager Workspace is available as a separate subscription. Activating the Vendor Manager Workspace plugin (com.snc.vlm.vmw) enables you to access, configure, and use the workspace for vendor management and monitoring.

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