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ITSM Virtual Agent release notes

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ITSM Virtual Agent release notes

ServiceNow® ITSM Virtual Agent product enhancements and updates in the New York release.

ITSM Virtual Agent includes many predefined conversations designed to help your IT users complete common tasks, such as password reset and creating an incident.

New in the New York release

Natural Language Understanding

Benefit from Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for all your ITSM Virtual Agent topic conversation flows. ITSM Virtual Agent uses NLU to comprehend word meanings and recognize word contexts to better infer user or system actions.

Enable NLU on the ITSM Virtual Agent application and republish your conversations to optimize user experience with the NLU feature.

Decide whether you want ITSM Virtual Agent to use only keywords, which results in quicker time-to-value in the short term. Or you can choose all NLU, which results in a better employee experience in the long term.

ITSM Virtual Agent conversations
Duplicate and extend the provided example ITSM Virtual Agent pre-built conversation flows. Expand your conversation library, by publishing these additional pre-built topic conversation flows:
  • Walk-up Check-in
    Note: the Walk-up Check-in topic is available when the Walk-up Experience plugin (com.snc.walkup) is activated.
  • Guest WiFi Access
  • Local Admin Access
  • Repository Access
  • Email Setup
  • Email Issues
  • VPN Connectivity
  • Meeting Room Issues
  • Troubleshoot Slow Computer
  • Printer Issues
  • Manage Distribution List
  • RSA Token
  • Greetings
  • Anything Else Topic
  • Live Agent Support
  • Closing Conversation
  • Personalized Greeting Topic
  • Error Handling Topic
  • Provide Virtual Agent Feedback
  • Fallback Topic
  • Virtual Agent Capabilities
  • Time and Date

Changed in this release

Modified ITSM Virtual Agent conversation
Improved the following ITSM Virtual Agent topic flows:
  • Order an Item — Text enhanced with more specific detail and renamed to Submit a Request. Enables you to order basic items directly within ITSM Virtual Agent.
  • Reset Password — Text enhanced with more specific detail and renamed to Get Password Reset Link. Enables you to obtain a link to directly reset a password within ITSM Virtual Agent.
  • System Status — Text enhanced with more specific detail and renamed to Service Disruptions. Enables you to view known outages and degradations within ITSM Virtual Agent.

Activation information

  • Virtual Agent must be activated before you can use the ITSM Virtual Agent chatbot topics.
  • To activate this feature, request the Virtual Agent plugin (com.glide.cs.chatbot) through the HI Customer Service system.
  • You must have the admin role to activate the ITSM Virtual Agent Conversations plugin (com.snc.itsm.virtualagent) to access the predefined ITSM Virtual Agent topics.