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Operational Intelligence release notes

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Operational Intelligence release notes

ServiceNow® Operational Intelligence product enhancements and updates in the New York release.

Operational Intelligence is an add-on application to the ServiceNow® Event Management application, with a key preventive role in a service-centric solution for reducing service outages. With Operational Intelligence, you can proactively identify service issues, pinpoint service outages, and automate remediation.

Operational Intelligence captures raw metric data from various data sources such as the SolarWinds monitoring server and the Nagios XI server. Then, based on the analysis of the historical metric data, Operational Intelligence detects anomalies that Event Management may not capture.

Operational Intelligence generates anomaly alerts that you can promote to regular Event Management alerts. Those alerts appear on the Alert Console and service health dashboard, and you can use Alert Intelligence in the ServiceNow® Agent Workspace application to manage the alerts.

New York upgrade information

After you upgrade all the Operational Intelligence ServiceNow® MID Servers in the MID Server distributed cluster to New York, restart the MID Servers in the cluster:
  1. Stop all the MID Servers in the MID Server distributed cluster.
  2. Wait for all the MID Servers in the MID Server distributed cluster to be stopped.
  3. Start all the Operational Intelligence MID Servers, one MID Server at a time.
Some data might be lost between the time that the MID Servers upgrade starts and until the completion of the MID Servers restart after upgrade. If you are using connectors, then you can minimize this data loss by disabling the metric connectors before starting the upgrade. After the upgrade completes:
  1. Set the max_fetch_interval_min parameter to the time length that the connectors were down.
  2. Enable the connectors to pull the missing data.

New in the New York release

Agent Workspace for Operational Intelligence
Configure and view metric charts for CIs associated with alerts in Agent Workspace. Configure up to 10 metric charts to appear on a single form for a CI that is associated with an alert that you are viewing in Agent Workspace.
ITOM Health
Access Operational Intelligence as a feature of the ServiceNow® ITOM Health product in the ServiceNow IT Operations Management product.

Changed in this release

Anomaly detection
  • The action level of anomaly detection can be configured to manage overall data load as needed. Use the anomaly_detection_action_level configuration setting to increase or decrease the anomaly detection processing that is applied to specific configuration items (CIs) and metrics at different stages of implementation.
  • The time series modeling and anomaly score calculations accuracy is improved. These improvements provide more robust anomaly detection and fewer false positives through dynamic threshold analysis of control factor.
Insights Explorer
  • Open the application service map for an application service that appears in Insights Explorer.
  • Operational Intelligence MID Servers support higher metric ingestion rate. This ability reduces the Insights Explorer refresh interval to a minute and therefore, the metric data that you view in Insights Explorer is more up to date.

Activation information

The Operational Intelligence plugin ( requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active. The Operational Intelligence plugin ( depends on the Event Management (com.glideapp.itom.snac) plugin being activated.

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