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Investment Funding release notes

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Investment Funding release notes

ServiceNow® Investment Funding is a new application in the New York release.

Investment Funding enables you to efficiently plan and manage investments by:
  • Allocating funds to an investment to meet a business requirement or strategic objective
  • Requesting funds from one or more funding sources to achieve business goals

Investment Funding features

Top-down and bottom-up funding
Allocate funds directly to investments based on organizational strategies (top-down).

Request funds from one or more funding sources based on your business needs (bottom-up).

Continuous funding
Allocate funds to an investment at any time as needed, unlike annual budgeting.
Integration with Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Create investments for portfolios, programs, projects, and demands and fund them. This integration with PPM enables you to keep the work activities and the funding of these investments separate.
Domain separation
Domain separation provides complete data isolation for domain-specific users. Investment Funding is domain separation compliant at the Data only level, meaning it supports the data security model of separating visibility of data from one domain to another. Since Investment Funding process is supported within a domain, request or allocate funds to the parent or child investments applies within the same domain.

Activation information

The Investment Funding plugin (com.snc.investment_planning) is new in the New York release. If you have the admin role, you can activate the Investment Funding plugin.

To integrate Investment Funding with PPM, you can activate the Investment Funding for PPM plugin (com.snc.investment_planning_pmo).