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Guided Application Creator release notes

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Guided Application Creator release notes

ServiceNow® Guided Application Creator is a new feature in the New York release.

Guided Application Creator is the new way to set up applications on the Now Platform®. You can set up an application and use it right away. A developer can add more functions later.

Guided Application Creator features

Create an application record
Create an application record in Guided Application Creator to identify a custom application.
Define roles
Create or select roles in Guided Application Creator for the members of your organization who use your custom application.
Designate data tables
Select an existing table or create a custom table in Guided Application Creator to store data for your custom business application.
Design an application for different user experiences
Let users access your application via an application workspace, the ServiceNow Agent mobile app, or the Now Platform. Customize how the application appears in each user experience that you select.
Allow global application development in Guided Application Creator
Add a property that lets you create applications in the global scope. By default, Guided Application Creator doesn't include the option to create applications in the global scope.
Optionally activate the legacy application creator
Add a property to force the legacy application creator to open instead of Guided Application Creator.

Activation information

Now Platform feature active by default.

Browser requirements

If you are using Microsoft Edge or a version of Internet Explorer that is IE11 or older, you can work only in the legacy application creator. To work in Guided Application Creator, use a different browser.

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