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Document Viewer

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Document Viewer

Document Viewer enables you to view documents directly in the Now Platform rather than having to download them.

Document Viewer supports viewing various file types in the platform. The maximum document file size that Document Viewer will display is 50 MB. To use the Document Viewer, enable it at instance level and for the tables for which you want to use it.
Note: Document Viewer does not support FedRAMP instances, instances that are on-premise, or instances that use Encryption Support.
The file types that Document Viewer can display are:
  • MS Word (.doc) and (.docx)
  • MS PowerPoint (.ppt) and (pptx)
  • MS Excel (.xls) and (.xlsx)
  • PDF

You can also view image (PNG, JPEG) and text files in the platform. Other document types, for example, zip, exe are automatically downloaded.

Figure 1. PDF view in Document Viewer
Viewing a PDF file in Document Viewer
The following table describes the icons used in Document Viewer.
Table 1. Icons in Document Viewer
Icon Description
Sidebar toggle icon to preview all the pages in the document Toggle the sidebar to see a preview of all the pages in the document.
Icon to download the attachment Download the attachment.
Page up or page down icons to scroll the page Page up or down using the arrow buttons. You can also scroll or use your keyboard arrow keys.
Icon to rotate document page to the right Rotate the page to the right.
Icon to rotate page to the left Rotate the page to the left.
Icons to zoom in or zoom out text in the document Zoom in or out on the document.
Icon to increase the page display to full width Increase the page to the full width of Document Viewer.
Search bar with arrows to toggle to the next search result Search for keywords in the document. Use the arrows to toggle to the next search result.