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Activity streams

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Activity streams

An activity stream is a list of entries in records and conversations. Examples of activity streams include journal fields like comments and work notes that display in task records and Connect Chat conversations. Activity streams are available in UI15 and UI16.

There are three types of activity streams.

List activity stream
Streams live activity information for all records on the current list. For more information, see Activity streams in list view. Click an item to open the record activity stream without opening the record.
Record activity stream
Appears in forms that are configured with the activity formatter . You can customize the activities to include.

When you follow a record to view it in the Connect Chat interface, the conversation contains the same information as the record activity stream. Comments entered in the Connect Chat window update the record activity stream.

Visual Task Boards
Streams live activity information for all task cards in the current task board. Click an item in the activity stream to open the task card and view the activity stream of the record.

Attachments and images

You can add and preview attachments and images in the activity stream:
  • Paste an image into a journal field and enter the inline text.
  • Click on an attachment to preview it. Use the download option to download the attachment locally.
  • Use antivirus scanning to protect against virus infections that can be introduced by file attachments. After being uploaded, the system automatically scans all files for viruses. If a file is infected, you can't view or download the file.

@ Mentions

Get someone's attention on a record by mentioning them with the @ character in an activity stream.
Note: Emails sent for @Mention run against live_notification table and are not added to the journal field of the parent table.
Any user can use activity stream mentions in the following places:

To mention someone, enter the @ character in a supported activity stream. Next, select a user from the suggestion list, which allows you to select any user in the instance. You can see which users have access to the record and, if presence is enabled, who is online. Enter any other text and post to the activity stream.

Figure 1. Activity stream mention on a form
@mention in an Activity Stream with the user selector menu open.

By default, you receive an email notification when someone mentions you. You can disable this behavior by unsubscribing from the Activity Stream @Mention Email notification on your notification preference page.

If Connect is enabled, you can receive additional notifications, depending on whether you follow the record in Connect. When someone mentions you in a record you do not follow in Connect, you receive whichever Connect notifications you enabled globally, as well as the Activity Stream @Mention Email notification. If you do follow the record in Connect, you only receive notifications according to your notification preferences for the record conversation. In this case, you do not receive the Activity Stream @Mention Email notification.

Note: The system creates a record on the Notification [live_notification] table each time a user is mentioned. The record stores the information required to generate notifications.