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Use a view with a guided tour

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Use a view with a guided tour

You can assign a list or form view to a guided tour step if you are changing from the Default view view to a different view, such as Self-Service.

Before you begin

Role required: guided_tour_admin or admin

About this task

To assign a view to a tour step, you must know the view name. The name you see in the context menu View option is the title of the view. Look up the view name before you assign it to a tour step.
Figure 1. Context menu view options
Context menu view options
Note: You can add a view to only one tour step in a guided tour, and only if the step starts on the default view. When the tour is played and the step is executed, the UI page refreshes with the new view.


  1. Complete the following steps to locate the view name.
    1. Navigate to System UI > Views.
      The first two columns are Name and Title.
    2. Locate the view by its Title, and note the value in the Name column.
  2. Navigate to Embedded Help > Guided Tours.
  3. Open the tour to be modified with a view.
  4. In the Guided Tour Steps related list, open the tour step to add a view.
  5. In the Tour Step form section, enter the view name in the View field.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Complete the following steps to test the tour with the view.
    1. In the Guided Tour form, click Edit with Designer.
    2. In the Guided Tour Designer tab or window, click Play below the list of steps.
    3. Verify that the step you modified displays the correct view.