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Configure homepage cache properties

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Configure homepage cache properties

The render cache is enabled by default with a set of sensible defaults. An administrator can modify the configuration based on the needs of the particular instance.

This behavior is controlled by properties available at Homepage Admin > Properties.

Enable the homepage render cache
Enables or disables the entire cache. If you disable the cache, then nothing is cached and nothing is retrieved from the cache.
Maximum amount of time an entry stays in the cache
By default, the system pulls an entry out of the cache if its underlying data changes. For example, if you have a report of "incidents by priority" that goes in the cache, the system removes it from the cache if the underlying incident data is updated. However, even if the underlying data has not changed, the system automatically expires cache entries older than this age. The default is 60 seconds, meaning that, at most, a cache entry persists for 60 seconds before being expired.
Enable aggressive caching
If aggressive caching is turned on, then the only time entries are removed from the render cache is if they expire. Even if the underlying data changes, the system still returns the previously rendered chart/graph/whatever until it expires from old age.

Setting this to true can significantly improve performance, but it does so at the expense of serving known stale data. Under some circumstances, however, a combination of aggressive caching and a short maximum cache age (see above), may be appropriate.