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Configure the event ribbon

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Configure the event ribbon

Configure the event ribbon on the Instance Security Center homepage to include only those events that are relevant for tracking instance security in your operations. You can also change the order in which the event tiles appear on the ribbon.

Before you begin

Role required: security_dashboard_user or admin

About this task

The event ribbon is initially populated with a full set of standard security events. You can customize it by removing the events that are not relevant to your organization. For example, if you suspect that security issues are due to the actions of internal personnel, include the Admin Logins, Admin Users added, and Security Elevations event indicators. These indicators monitor how many times users with admin roles attempted to log in and, if admin users were added, what attempts were made to elevate security roles.
Note: To learn about the standards types of events that appear in the event ribbon, see Identifying potential security events.


  1. Navigate to System Security > Instance Security Center.
  2. In the event ribbon, click Edit (Events ribbon Edit button).
    On the Edit Events form, the Selected column contains the events that are already listed.
  3. In the Selected column, select the events that you want to remove from the event ribbon.
  4. To remove events from the event ribbon, move them from the Selected column to the Available column.
  5. To add events to the event ribbon, move them from the Available column to the Selected column.
  6. To change the order the events appear on the ribbon, select an event, then click the up or down arrow to move it to its correct position.
    Place the events in the same sequential order they should appear on the Instance Security Center event ribbon. The events you place at the top of the Available column appear sequentially, beginning on the left side of the Instance Security Center event ribbon. The events placed towards the bottom of the column appear on to the right on the event ribbon.
  7. Click Save.