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Schedule cloning

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Schedule cloning

You can use System Clone to schedule automatic clonings, which is the easiest way to keep your cloned instances up to date.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Instead of manually cloning instances, you can schedule clonings that happen automatically. You create a cloning schedule in the same interface you use to create a clone. This topic assumes that you created a clone but not a cloning schedule for it.


  1. Click System Clone > Active Clones > <one-of-your-clones>.
  2. Click the Options arrowhead so it turns downward.
    The Options panel displays.
    Open Options pane.
  3. Enter values in the following fields to schedule automatic clonings.
    Clone frequency Specify how often this target automatically receives clone data.
    No. of occurrences Specify the number of automatic clonings. The maximum value is 9.
  4. Click Submit.
    The system displays the Authenticate Target modal.
  5. Enter the Username and Password for an administrator account on the target instance and click Authenticate.
    The System Clone form displays for the target clone.
  6. To see the cloning schedule for this target, click the Recurring Clones tab.
    Each line in the list shows a separate, scheduled cloning session.
  7. To see log messages for past clonings on this target, click the Clone Log tab.
  8. To see cloning schedules for all the clones in the system, click System Clone > Live Clones > Clone History.
    The System Clones page lists all the cloning instances in the system along with their scheduled clonings.