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Message table

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Message table

The Messages [sys_ui_message] table contains the translations for informational messages, confirmation messages, error messages, and other types of system messages.

ServiceNow checks this table for translated text when a client script contains a getMessage call or a server script contains a gs.getMessage call. The main fields for this table are:
  • Key: internal unique identifier of this message.
  • Language: language the message is translated into.
  • Message: translated text that users see.
The Messages table contains custom translatable text from the following sources when these texts are wrapped correctly:
  • HTML in a UI page in a customer-created application
  • Service Portal widget messages (including in surveys)

For more information about translatable custom content in the Messages table, see Custom translations.

Figure 1. Message list
The Messages list showing messages translated into Dutch
Figure 2. Translated message
The message that The following mandatory fields are not filled: Short description, translated into Dutch