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Enable dynamic translation for a field

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Enable dynamic translation for a field

Translate the dynamically generated text for a field by enabling dynamic translation at the field-level.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

Activate the Dynamic Translation plugin (com.glide.dynamic_translation).

About this task

Dynamic Translation supports only the following field types:
  • String
  • String (Full UTF-8)
  • Multi Line Small Text Area
  • Wide Text


  1. Navigate to any form. For example, an Incident form.
  2. Right-click the required field and select Configure Dictionary.
  3. In the Attributes related list, click New.
  4. In the Dictionary Attribute form, fill the fields.
    Table 1. Dictionary Attribute form fields
    Field Value
    Attribute Dynamic Translation Enabled
    Value true
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Update.
    A see translation icon see translation icon appears next to the field. The logged-in user can click this icon see translation icon to translate the text to the user's preferred language using the default translation service provider specified in the translator configurations. For information about error messages during translation, see Error messages for field-level translation.
    Note: If you do not have any default translator configuration, you cannot view the translation icon see translation icon.