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Schedule archive deletion

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Schedule archive deletion

Configure the archive destroyer batch process, which runs the archive destroy rules.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Archive Destroy rules delete archived data after a specified period of time. The Archive Destroyer batch process runs the Archive Destroy rules on archived data. You can configure some parameters of the batch process.


  1. Display the system properties:
  2. Click New.
  3. Add one or more of the following properties to configure the archive destroyer batch process.
    Note: The following system parameters are already in the table, but do not display. To customize these system parameters, add them to the list to override the default values.
    Table 1. Archive Destroyer rules
    Archive destroyer rule Description Type Default value
    glide.db.archive_destroy.batch_size Specifies how many records an archive destroy rule processes per batch job. Integer 100
    glide.db.archive_destroy.sleep_time Specifies the sleep time, in seconds, between the running of archive destroy rule batch jobs. Integer 1
    glide.db.archive_destroy.max_iterations Specifies the maximum number of batch jobs to run within an hour. Integer 10