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Grouping by breakdown and filtering by breakdown

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Grouping by breakdown and filtering by breakdown

In breakdown widgets, breakdowns either group or filter indicator scores. When you create a widget, this dual purpose of breakdowns affects the function of the breakdown fields.

The Breakdown and 2nd Breakdown fields in the widget form have a different function for breakdown widgets than for other widget types. In most other widget types, these fields specify data filters. Only the indicator scores that correspond to the specified breakdown elements are shown. However, when you create a breakdown widget, you group the data by a breakdown instead of filtering it. The elements of the breakdown are shown as the different wedges of a pie visualization, or separate columns in a column visualization, for example.

You can still filter the data by specifying a breakdown and an element in the Breakdown and Element fields. However, in this case you must specify the breakdown that is used to group the data in the 2nd Breakdown field. If you do not specify a 2nd Breakdown, the Element field is ignored and the first Breakdownis used to group indicator scores instead of filtering them.