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Performance Analytics and Reporting for Agent Workspace

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Performance Analytics and Reporting for Agent Workspace

Integrate data visualization and reporting functionality using an easy-to-navigate interface by adding Performance Analytics and Reporting widgets and reports to Agent Workspace configurations.

These features enable your agents and employees to see pre-configured dashboard views and show cases via trend line, column, and score visualizations within Agent Workspace. Agents can view and drill down into reports that show the current state of instance data, such as how many open incidents of each priority there are.


Along with plugins required for your Agent Workspace configuration, a Performance Analytics plugin activates Performance Analytics for Agent Workspace by default in a new New York release instance, but not in an upgraded instance. If inactive, activate a Performance Analytics plugin.

Your activated Performance Analytics plugin enables you to use Performance Analytics indicators and widgets within Agent Workspace.

Reporting features for Agent Workspace are available by default.


These roles are required to add, configure, or view Performance Analytics and Reporting features in Agent Workspace.
Role Permissions
Application developer or workspace_admin Can add widgets or reports to an Agent Workspace landing page and configure them.
Admin, pa_admin, or pa_power_user Can configure widgets from the Performance Analytics widget form.
Admin, report_admin, or report owner Can configure reports from the Report Designer.
Agents who have access to an Agent Workspace landing page
  • Can view Performance Analytics widgets.
  • Can view reports that are shared with them.