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Configure the IBM Watson Assistant Chat integration

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Configure the IBM Watson Assistant Chat integration

Set up the IBM Watson Assistant topic to run dialog skills (conversations created in IBM Watson Assistant) in the web-based chat client. This topic returns information exchanged during the virtual agent conversation to IBM Watson Assistant.

Before you begin

  • Role required: virtual_agent_admin or admin
  • In IBM Watson Assistant:
    • Create the dialog skill (conversation) in your IBM Watson Assistant workspace. The skill includes the dialog and any intents and entities that you define.
    • Navigate to your skill tile and in the tile menu, select View API Details. View the Skill Details and Service Credentials. Copy the following items: Skill ID, Workspace ID, Username, and Password. You need these items when setting up this integration.
  • Activate the IBM Watson Assistant Integration plugin (

About this task

This topic runs an IBM Watson Assistant dialog in Virtual Agent. It does not require enabling NLU or setting IBM Watson Assistant NLU as the NLU service provider for Virtual Agent.


  1. In your ServiceNow instance, update the watson_assistant.workspaceID system property.
    1. In the Navigation filter, enter sys_properties.list
    2. In the System Properties [sys_properties] table, locate the watson_assistant.workspaceID property.
    3. Replace the existing Value with the Workspace ID for your skill, and click Update.
  2. Verify that the REST message for IBM Watson Assistant provides the correct authentication endpoint for your IBM skill:
    1. Navigate to System Web Services > Outbound > REST Message > .
    2. Select the IBM Watson Assistant record to open the REST Message IBM Watson Assistance form.
    3. Confirm that the Endpoint field and the Endpoint column displayed in the Authentication tab have the correct endpoint URL for your IBM Watson account.
      REST Messages form for IBM Watson Assistant with the IBM endpoint URLs
  3. In the Basic auth profile field in the Authentication tab, open the Assistant Profile record.
  4. In the Basic Auth Configuration form, enter the Username and Password values from your IBM Watson Assistant Service Credentials, then click Update.
    Example of IBM Watson Assistant basic auth configuration
  5. Publish the IBM Skill topic:
    1. Navigate to Collaboration > Virtual Agent > Designer.
    2. In the Topics page, select the IBM Watson Assistant topic to open the Topic Properties page.
      Notice that the Keyword for this topic is IBM Watson Assistant and the Category is IBM.
    3. In the Topic Properties page, click Publish to deploy the topic to your Virtual Agent web client.
      Topic Properties page for IBM Watson Assistant topic
  6. Configure the default topic for the Virtual Agent web client in one of the following ways:
    • Provide the URL that specifies the IBM Watson Assistant topic as the default topic that opens in the Service Portal client:

      For example: https://<Your instance URL>$<sys_id> where <sys_id> is the sys_id of the published IBM Watson Assistant topic. The sysparm_skip_load_history parameter does not load the conversation history in the web client.


    • Configure the Service Portal widget by clicking the edit (pencil) icon in the upper right corner of the Virtual Agent widget.

      To set the default topic using the widget instance parameters, enter sysparm_topic=sys_id (where sys_id is the sys_id of the published IBM Watson Assistant topic) in the Virtual Agent Client URL Parameters field, and click Save.

    Note: You can find the sys_id of a topic in the Topics [sys_cs_topic] table.