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Predefined Virtual Agent topics and ServiceNow NLU models

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Predefined Virtual Agent topics and ServiceNow NLU models

Prebuilt virtual agent conversations (topics) and ServiceNow NLU models are available for the Virtual Agent platform, Customer Service Management, HR Service Delivery, and IT Service Management.

These predefined conversations help users with common self-service tasks in each business area, such as creating or updating cases or providing answers to frequently asked questions. The prebuilt NLU models define the business-specific language understanding needed for Virtual Agent to understand and process user requests. Each NLU intent in a model maps to a single Virtual Agent conversation topic.

Summaries of predefined topics

For details on the predefined topics available, see these sections:
Predefined topics Activated by
Customer Service Virtual Agent conversations com.sn_csm.virtualagent
Human Resources Virtual Agent conversations com.sn_hr_virtual_agent
ITSM Virtual Agent Conversations com.snc.itsm.virtualagent
Virtual Agent Designer setup topics com.glide.cs.chatbot (installed automatically with the Glide Virtual Agent plugin)
Note: The plugins for the CSM, HR Service Delivery, and ITSM predefined conversations also install the prebuilt ServiceNow NLU models. The Glide Virtual Agent plugin installs the prebuilt NLU model for setup and small talk topics.
After installing the plugins, you can preview the topics using Virtual Agent Designer. You can review the intents, utterances, and entities in the prebuilt NLU models using ServiceNow Studio.

Working with predefined topics in Virtual Agent Designer

  • Previewing topics – After you install the plugins for predefined topics, admins or Virtual Agent admins can access the predefined topics in the Topics page. Select the topic and in the Topic Properties page, click Preview. Review the conversation as it runs in the preview window to determine the topics that you want to use.
  • Using predefined topics – Although predefined topics are read only and can't be changed, you can reuse predefined topics by duplicating and modifying them as needed. After you test a duplicated topic and are ready to deploy it to your Virtual Agent clients, publish the topic.

For details on creating, previewing, duplicating, and publishing a topic, see Virtual Agent Designer.

Working with prebuilt ServiceNow NLU models in ServiceNow Studio

  • Reviewing a prebuilt NLU model – After you install the plugins for predefined topics, you can view the prebuilt models in ServiceNow Studio. The prebuilt NLU models for ServiceNow applications define the intents, entities, and utterances used for the predefined topics. These models are also trained and published.
  • Using predefined intents from prebuilt NLU models – Although prebuilt NLU models are read only and can't be edited, you can reuse predefined intents from these models when creating your own NLU models. You can import intents from prebuilt models or other NLU models that you create in ServiceNow Studio.

For details on creating, training, and publishing NLU models, see Natural Language Understanding.