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Virtual Agent integration with messaging apps

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Virtual Agent integration with messaging apps

Enable users to run Virtual Agent bot conversations in third-party messaging apps. Use the Virtual Agent integration app to configure the messaging apps for your instance.

Admin and user setup

Integrating Virtual Agent with third-party messaging apps involves installation and setup tasks that you and your users perform.

Admin setup

Use the Virtual Agent integration app to configure the messaging apps for your instance. Perform these basic installation steps to set up the Virtual Agent bot.
  1. Install the ServiceNow Virtual Agent integration app and associate the app with your instance. For details, see Install Virtual Agent integrations for enterprise messaging apps.
  2. If needed, configure the messaging text that is displayed in the third-party app.

    You can customize the text that users see in Virtual Agent conversations by using the Adapter configuration page for third-party messaging apps.

User setup

After you set up the Virtual Agent bot for Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Workplace, your users can link their ServiceNow user account to their Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Workplace account. For details, see Link your ServiceNow user account to a messaging application for Virtual Agent conversations.

Linking accounts enables your users to run Virtual Agent topics that use ServiceNow information and records. If your users do not link their ServiceNow account, they can access and run only topics that have the public role.

Conversational interface in messaging integrations

The Virtual Agent interface for third-party messaging apps is similar to the web-based interface. However, there are some differences in options used and how certain interface controls are displayed in third-party messaging apps:

Common commands in messaging integrations
Command Description
Hi Begin a new conversation or access option for transferring to a live agent.
agent Transfer to a live agent.
help Display a short list of useful commands.
logout Unlink your ServiceNow account from a messaging integration. (Available only after users have linked their ServiceNow account.)
restart End the current conversation and begin a new one.
Rendering of input controls and bot responses in conversations
Input controls in Virtual Agent Designer, such as the Date Time picker, Image picker, and Carousel render differently in bot conversations in messaging apps than in the web-based interface. For example, the Date Time picker control presents buttons for users to select a date and time. Similarly, certain bot response controls, such as the Image response and Multi-flow Output, also render differently in third-party messaging apps. For details on these differences, see the descriptions of the Virtual Agent Designer input controls, bot responses, and utilities.
In live agent conversations, users and agents can upload and exchange image attachments when prompted.